Best Male Beauty πŸ’‹ Bloggers to Start following Today πŸ“… ...

In case you hadn’t noticed already, male beauty bloggers and vloggers are killing the beauty game right now! There are tons of talented male makeup artists who have crazy good makeup skills that you need to follow, like, yesterday. These guys show that there truly are no hard and fast rules to makeup and it’s not just restricted to one gender. Check out these insanely talented male beauty bloggers below and get ready to be amazed!

1. Patrick Starrr

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I first discovered @PatrickStarrr on YouTube when I browsing beauty videos and I instantly fell in love! Patrick’s videos are so funny and he makes the best makeup tutorials. Patrick is super close to his family so he frequently features his family in his videos and another interesting fact about the makeup maven is that he has a great singing voice, also. Patrick’s skills are so on point, he has collabed with Keke Palmer and Shay Mitchell. If you like your beauty tutorials with a side of laughs, you have to subscribe ASAP!

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