Best Tattoo to Get Based on Your Zodiac ...

By Eliza

Best Tattoo to Get Based on Your Zodiac ...

So you're thinking about getting inked, but you can't decide what to get. I've been there. I have three tattoos and settling on a design was pretty hard each time. Turns out that you can totally consider your zodiac sign when it comes to getting a tattoo. The experts suggest the following ideas, based on your sign. Have fun choosing!

1 Aries ♈

footwear, black, high heeled footwear, leg, shoe, Aries girls tend to be daring and adventurous so an arrow theme is a great way to show others that you're always looking for the next great thing in life. Bees are another idea because, like you, they are on a defined path and they don't back down.

2 Taurus ♉

clothing, undergarment, active undergarment, muscle, swimwear, If you fall under this sign, you probably enjoy the good things in life and find no trouble unwinding and enjoying your down time. That's why a palm tree is a great choice for you. It proves that you love taking a vacay and don't feel bad when you do. Taurus girls love getting neck tattoos so that's something to think about.

3 Gemini ♊

hair, face, person, hairstyle, nose, One of the biggest personality traits of Gemini ladies is the tendency to change things up or move on to something new at the drop of a hat. Birds, feathers and wings are great images for you because they epitomize your free spirit. This is also the ideal zodiac sign for trying a white ink tattoo.

4 Cancer ♋

Anchor, tattoo, arm, leg, finger, Cancer girls are committed to home and family so a tattoo that goes along with feelings of loyalty and stability are great for you. Try an anchor, heart or name of a loved one as your great new tattoo. You might also like to try a beloved symbol or numbers that mean something to you.

5 Leo ♌

tattoo, arm, leg, thigh, hand, Leos love being the center of attention and thrive when they are in charge of things. That's why you'll love getting inked with a crown or lion that shows the world that you are on top and love being there.

6 Virgo ♍

clothing, t shirt, arm, neck, human body, Virgos, such as myself, love details and that means getting something like a quote in a lovely script, an idea that girls with this sign will love. That gives me some great ideas for my next tattoo!

7 Libra ♎

clothing, leg, thigh, arm, muscle, If you are a Libra, chances are you love going through life doing everything with your bestie or significant other. Matching tattoos are great for this zodiac sign. Get twin flowers or hearts inked with your best girl. Or have your wedding date or a meaningful symbol matched to your guy. Cool, right?

8 Scorpio ♏

footwear, arm, pattern, leg, hand, Girls who call Scorpio their sign are usually passionate and have strong feelings. That's what make a rose such a great choice for you. It's a symbol of passion and intensity so go ahead and get one in any color inked somewhere right away. The bigger, the better.

9 Sagittarius ♐

tattoo, pattern, arm, design, human body, Wanderlust is a good word to describe you if you're a Sagittarius. Since you love seeing the world and always have a yearning to travel, you'll love maps, a compass or geographical coordinates inked on your body. Other great ideas include mountain ranges or ocean waves. Which would you get?

10 Capricorn ♑

tattoo, black, arm, leg, hand, Capricorn ladies are determined and hardworking and don't stop until they reach their goals. That's why you need a tattoo of tree, which represents your strong, grounded nature. Encouraging words and quotes are other great ideas for you.

11 Aquarius ♒

clothing, tattoo, arm, finger, leg, Girls who fall into this sign want to improve the world around them and make it better for others. Symbols of the universe, such as a mandala or solar system are ideal images for your new tattoo. Do you love that idea?

12 Pisces ♓

hair, person, image, beauty, photography, Pisces girls love to dream and the water sign makes images of the sea or river a great idea for you. Whimsical images are also ideal so consider a unicorn, star or butterfly.

What's your sign? Do you love the tattoo ideas for yours?

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