30 Gorgeous BFF Tattoos to Inspire You and Your Bestie ...

By Nichole

30 Gorgeous BFF Tattoos to Inspire You and Your Bestie ...

BFF tattoos are so much fun! It can be hard sometimes to figure out what type of tattoo to get. There are just so many amazing designs out there, and finding something unique to fit your life can be a challenge. An even harder challenge is to find the perfect tattoo to get with your BFF! Not only would a BFF tattoo need to be perfect for you, but it would need to be perfect for your bestie while portraying something that you both love. If you are looking for some inspiration for a tattoo to get with your best friend, check out these great BFF tattoos.

1 A Simple, Beautiful Rose

2 Girl Talk

3 My Heart, My Anchor

4 Fruit Love

5 Wine Life

6 XO Feathers

7 Lotus Love

8 Soul Sisters for Life

9 Til Death

10 Dolphin Twins

11 Forever Roses

12 Compass for the Soul

13 Red Ribbon Girls

14 The Cat’s Meow

15 So Delicate and Beautiful

16 Night Owls for Life

17 You Are My Sunshine

18 My Yin to Your Yang

19 Buzzy Bee Friends

20 All about That Disney Life

21 Minnie Bows before Bros

22 Simple and Beautiful Little Puffs

23 BFF Heart Necklaces Are Still Cool

24 We’re like Two Peas in a Pod

25 A Lotus for the Moon

26 Beautiful, Calming Lavender

27 Watercolors for the Hearts

28 Friends to Space and beyond

29 Besties Help You Shine Bright

30 Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Would you ever get a matching tattoo with your best friend? If you would, or have already done so, share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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