7 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2016 According to Pinterest ...

It seems these days that if something appears a few times on Pinterest it is automatically elevated to trend status. No matter of the efficacy of this, you can’t argue with the power of Pinterest in forming opinion. And here’s what Pinterest says are going to be some of the biggest beauty and hair trends for 2016

1. Coffin Nails

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One of the 2016 trends that Pinterest predicts are the quite ominously named coffin nails! 2015 was big for stiletto nails, but is seems as though they are going to be replaced by those in the know by coffin nails - long, colorful nails that have a sharp, horizontal cut along the top of them to give them a rigid coffin look. They might seem odd to begin with, but coffin nails look great and have a much higher degree of practicality about them than other shapes.

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