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With so much beauty advice out there, it can be hard to figure out who to listen to and who to ignore. It turns out that many women simply follow their own mom’s advice and forget the rest. I’m not saying that being a mom makes a person an expert on beauty, but chances are that you have a great deal of the same genes that your mom does, which means you can probably copy her with great results. Check out this mom beauty advice and you’ll probably see something your own mom has told you.

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Groom Your Brows

Moms of many generations past have been passing on eyebrow-related beauty advice to their daughters. No matter what the current style of brows is, whether that’s full and thick or thin and sparse, you can’t go wrong by grooming them. That means combing the strands to make them look polished and neat and filling in bare spots for a blended look that will be just right.


Use anti-Aging Cream

It doesn’t really matter how old you are – using a good anti-aging cream will only pay off in the long run. Many mothers sigh wistfully and wish they had access to all the great and wonderful products that we do today. So, take advantage of the huge numbers of skincare products on store shelves and find yourself an anti-aging cream that can fight off wrinkles and fine lines.


Wear Natural Make-up

We all remember raiding our mother’s make-up stash and laying it on thick, right? Turns out mom suggests wearing natural make-up. No matter what she had in her cache, you probably never saw her slather it all on at once. The best way to wear make-up is to keep it subtle and natural so you enhance your gorgeousness rather than cover it up with thick blue eyeshadow and bright pink blush.


Choose the Right Hair Color

Everyone won’t look good with the same dye job and your mother is probably going to tell you to be careful which shade you choose. You want something in the same color family as your natural color for the most natural transition. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try something totally different. Just be sure the color you choose complements your skin tone, says mom.


Wash before Bed

Mothers all over the world have been imparting this little gem of wisdom to their daughters for many generations. Before you hit the sack, be sure to wash your face because it helps remove make-up in addition to any debris or other icky things on your skin. That way you protect yourself from breakouts and you keep your pillowcase clean and germ free. Thanks, Mom!



Hydrated skin is healthy skin and as a mom myself, I’ve been known to tell my kids to “just, please, go put some lotion on.” The tight feeling of dry skin is something I can’t stand. My mom must have been the same way because she was constantly suggesting that I put some moisturizer on. You should be moisturizing your face and body at least once a day. Use a nice face cream up top and a thick lotion for the rest of your body.


Brush Your Teeth

Most young kids aren’t all that interested in stopping an activity to brush their teeth. Most moms have to nag their little ones to get it done. However, now that you’re an adult, you should still heed mom’s advice. Brush your teeth every morning and every night before bed, no matter how tired or busy you are. Your smile will stay beautiful your entire life this way.

What’s your mom’s biggest piece of beauty advice? Do you follow it?

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What you eat shows, so if you want to look like crap eat crap but if you want to look fresh and vibrant then eat healthily.

Never go out without some makeup because you never know who you might run into

How do you groom eyebrows?

Luv u mommmmm !!!!!!!

My mom always asks me to apply oatmeal honey pack at least once a week but usually time doesn't favour me. Well mom's a real beauty.

Groom your eyebrows mean pluck them

Moisturize n wash before bed!

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