10 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Beautiful ...

By Carly

10 Brilliant  Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Beautiful ...

They might be a part of your body that are hidden for the majority of the day, but that doesn’t mean that your feet should be any less healthy and beautiful than any other more showcased part! In fact, when you think about it, your feet are one of the most important body parts you have in terms of day to day function and living, so they definitely deserve some TLC! Here are ten ways to keep your feet healthy and beautiful.

1 Wear the Right Size Shoes

blue, vertebrate, hand, water, aqua, You’d be amazed by how many people wear shoes that are too big or too small for them. You owe it to your toes and to make sure that you are fitted with the right size!

2 Regular Checks

foot, leg, toe, hand, finger, Don’t just forget about them because that are the furthest thing away from your eyes. Make sure you that check your feet regularly to search for infected nails, flaky skin, blisters, and developing bunions.

3 Clip Nails

foot, leg, toe, sole, hand, Use clippers rather than nail scissors to keep your toenails in check. It is always a good idea to do so after you have had a shower, because that is when your nails will be at their softest and most appropriate for clipping.

4 Flat Isn’t Always Best

footwear, shoe, high heeled footwear, sandal, leg, We all know about the health risks involved in wearing high heels, but on the other end of the spectrum, you also don’t want to be wearing cheap shoes with completely flat soles. Your foot needs a little lift for your arches.

5 Alternate Shoes

footwear, shoe, high heeled footwear, sandal, leg, Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every single time. Mix things up and don’t allow your feet to become accustomed to one certain position. Also, there is the obvious bacterial issues that can arise from just having one pair of shoes that you wear!

6 Clean the inside of Your Shoes

footwear, shoe, outdoor shoe, leg, flooring, Don’t just wipe off the exterior to make them look fresh and new. Take some time to swab and spray the insides as well so that you get rid of any bacteria that might be building up with daily use.

7 Running Shoes

footwear, red, shoe, structure, high heeled footwear, If you run, make sure that you invest in a pair of dedicated running shoes. They provide much more support and shock absorption than normal fashion sneakers, and they will be much kinder to your feet during exercise.

8 Moisturise

leg, foot, girl, toe, sole, They do more work than any other external part of your body, so make sure that you wash and moisturise your feet just like you would any other area that you want to take care of.

9 Don’t Ignore Pain

foot, leg, floor, human leg, ankle, Don’t disregard foot pains as just a result of a hard day, because there can sometimes be a lot more to it than that. Your foot pain might be a sign of a more serious issue than just fatigue.

10 Wear the Right Shoes

footwear, shoe, sandal, high heeled footwear, leg, Pick the right shoe for the occasion you are going to be at. If you know you are going to be on your feet for six plus hours, then maybe those six inch high heels aren’t the best option!

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