Careful of What You Put in Your Mouth: Don't Let These Things Ruin Your Smile ...

When you smile, you should dazzle. Your face should light up and people can see how beautiful you are. But even if you are diligent about cleaning, flossing and visit the dentist twice a year, there are things that can sabotage your smile. What are the worse things for putting the grim in your grin?

1. Sports Drinks

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In recent years, sports and energy drinks have become much more multipurpose in the beverage market, with many of us swapping diet colas and fruit juices for Red Bulls or Gatorade in everyday life. The problem with these sports drinks is that their incredibly high acidic pH levels can lead to unwanted tooth erosion much faster than other sugar based drinks, along with posing the danger of wearing away our vital tooth enamel.

2. Bottled Water

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Sounds crazy, right? The problem here is that the majority of bottled waters on the market contain a much smaller amount of fluoride than is recommended by experts. Fluoride is a chemical that works to increase the strength of the entire tooth structure to make it much more resistant to decay, so without the required amount of it in our drinking water our teeth become much more susceptible to easy and avoidable damage.

3. Tobacco

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Unlike bottled water, this particular example will be of no surprise to anybody. One of the most obvious things that can ruin your smile, the smoke created from inhaling tobacco not only turns your teeth an undesirable yellow color, it can also cause negative effects for your surrounding gums and, of course, can lead to awful cancers including lung, throat and mouth.

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One of the cruelest things that can ruin your smile of all, wine may be delicious but it certainly can do some damage in the long run. The acidity levels in both red and white wine can encourage the dissolving of the tooth structure as well as an unpleasant dental staining. However, all is not lost! Experts have voiced the opinion that small sips of wine rather than swishing it around in the mouth can make a big difference in reducing tooth damage.

5. Diet Pills

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Diet pills are much more commonly used these days as a quick way to lose those extra few pounds and inches, but unfortunately they can also be a quick way to developing tooth decay or a nasty gum disease. The problem is that diet pills reduce the amount of saliva that is created in your mouth, leading to much drier gums and creating a prime environment for cavities, decay and disease. Stick to old-fashioned diet and exercise; that way you will lose the weight and keep your smile!

6. Hot Drinks

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Black tea and coffee are the main culprits in the hot drink category, as they contain tannins that can become lodged into the grooves and pits of your teeth that will then promote horrible stains and become a sticky breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Don’t worry, however, you don’t have to give up your morning cup of coffee forever; just make sure to try and counteract these tannins by drinking more water during the day or adding milk to your hot beverages.

7. Brushing at the Wrong Times

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Although our parents told us time and again to brush our teeth after every meal, experts have stated that depending on the meal this can sometimes be a really bad idea! Brushing your teeth after eating or drinking particularly acidic food or drink should be avoided, as you will only be further exposing your freshly vulnerable teeth to the threat of decay and erosion.

If you avoid these things that can damage your smile, you’ll also save tons of dollars on whitening treatments ^_^ Now that is something to smile about – is it not?

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