5 Celebs That Prove Good Eyebrows Can Change Your Entire Face ...


Thick brows seem to be the new trend! With stars like Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, and Lucy Hale making thick brows look amazing, people have begun to embrace the trend. It really is true that good eyebrows can change your entire face! Check out the celebrities that prove it:

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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad's my go-to for all things beauty and style. She knows the perks of a good eyebrow pencil, it changes up your entire face!



Adele Adele used to have really thin brows but her thicker ones frame her face a lot better.



MEGAN Fox Meagan's thick brows have become one of her best-known features!


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato During her days as an X Factor judge, Demi was sporting some pretty thick brows. It totally changed up her face! Today, her brows aren't as thick but they're also not as thin and overly-plucked as they used to be.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez J.Lo's thick brows call more attention to her beautiful brown eyes!

Have you opted for thicker brows too?

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I'm not satisfied with my own brows, they use to be thicker and messy, then i get them waxed one time and now their basically non existent, their too light to do anything.

I want Kim Kardashian brows. Hers beat all of these.

My brows are naturally like Megan Fox's but people think I wax dem, wat shud I do? I dnt like people tinking I am fake

I think Adele looks much more gentle and feminine with thin brows

Yes yes and yes

@amby you can try castor oil to thicken/grow your eyebrows

I love full brows, think of Brooke Shields and Brigette Bardot, girls! Thin brows look like they can be blown away, full brows make a statement I reckon 😁

Absolutely 💋💋💕💕

I've always had problems shaping and refining my eyebrows.Thankfully, I've got other assets to bank on. 

Hmm interesting I'm pluckin Ma eyebrows tonight ladies

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