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8 Charming Reasons to Love Your Freckles ...

By Heather

A lot of people actually try to cover up their freckles all of the time, but below, I'm going to detail out some reasons to love your freckles and be proud of them! I have freckles all over my nose, just a little splash of them and I love them! Do you not think that there are any reasons to love your freckles? Well ladies, check below, because these reasons to love your freckles should make you love your freckles!

Table of contents:

  1. Unique
  2. People envy them
  3. They add character
  4. Freckles give your face a healthy glow
  5. Bronzers look less fake
  6. You won't look washed out
  7. Golden & copper tones look great
  8. They are beautiful

1 Unique

Freckles are not something that everyone has, which is definitely one reason to love your freckles! They are unique, they are different and they are so special! I know that I wouldn't be me without my freckles, what about you?

2 People Envy Them

Another brilliant reason to love your freckles is because people actually envy them! A lot of people wish that they had freckles or knew how to get them. Personally, I don't think that freckles are something that should be covered up all of the time, instead, let's all be proud of our awesome freckles!

3 They Add Character

Freckles are something that add a little character to a person. They are like a beauty mark that you can display proudly and that gives your skin a little flare that a lot of people don't have. This is one of the reasons why I love my freckles!

4 Freckles Give Your Face a Healthy Glow

Did you know that another reason to love your freckles is because they actually give your entire face a healthier glow? You'll never look pale when you have freckles! They will make your skin appear that much more beautiful and radiant!

5 Bronzers Look Less Fake

A lot of people that don't have freckles have a really hard time with their bronzer and self tanners looking fake. If you have freckles, one of the reasons to love them is because your bronzer will never look fake! You already have some pigmentation in your face, your bronzer will look beautiful!

6 You Won't Look Washed out

Remember how I said that you'll never look pale because of your freckles? Well, one of the top reasons to love your freckles is because it is impossible for you to look washed out!

7 Golden & Copper Tones Look Great

Whether you have some golden and copper tones in your hair or if you want to put them along your eyes, your freckles will only enhance everything for you! This is absolutely one of the reasons to love your freckles – they are like a permanent makeup accessory!

8 They Are Beautiful

Finally ladies, the last reason to love your freckles, just remember that they are beautiful. Each and every freckle that you have on your face or anywhere on your body is beautiful!

Well all you freckle-faced ladies, there are my top reasons to love your freckles. Do you have anymore reasons to love your freckles to share? Spill!

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