17 Charmingly Delightful Beauty Techniques from All over the World ...

Beauty techniques are highly beneficial, but some of them are incredibly recycled. What I mean is, in my life, I always get the same pieces of advice. My friends and family members always share the same beauty techniques – and yes, they're extremely helpful, but sometimes I'd like to hear something new, wouldn't you? In that spirit, I've gathered some amazing beauty techniques from all over the world! If you've ever wanted to know how women from India keep their hair so lustrous or how Scandinavian women keep their complexions so flawless, I've got you covered!

1. Australian Hair Care

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My godfather's ex-wife (convoluted, I know) is a native of Australia. Growing up, she gave me tons of great beauty techniques to try, most of which are highly natural. Her dandruff remedy was my favorite, and it's been fail safe all through the years. All you have to do is add either eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to your shampoo – a few drops will do it. And voila! No fear of dandruff!

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