7 Cheap Beauty Products to Check out ...


7 Cheap Beauty Products to Check out ...
7 Cheap Beauty Products to Check out ...

Being a bargain shopper at heart, I love finding cheap beauty products that still work great. Many cheap beauty products are ineffective or they don’t contain enough product per container to actually save you money in the long run. Still, there are many cheap beauty products out there you should give a go. These products work great, come in a hearty size and they are available at most corner drugstores, supermarkets, or online. Check them out!

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St. Ives Body Lotion

St. Ives Body Lotion St. Ives makes great cheap beauty products and one of the best things about this company, besides smelling awesome, is that their products are free of many toxic chemicals, as well as free of animal products. I especially love their body lotion. My favorite scent is the Coconut Milk and Orchid Extract scent, which is just so alluring and indulgent! For around $2.75, you can get a huge container of this lotion and it keeps your skin baby soft all day!


Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Johnson's Baby Shampoo Speaking of baby soft, let’s talk about baby shampoo! I keep a container of Johnson’s baby shampoo on hand at all times. I use this stuff for everything! I wash my hair with it and it makes a great makeup brush cleaner. Just add a couple drops to a large glass of water and soak your brushes overnight. In the morning, just rinse them and dry well. Baby shampoo contains no chemicals that irritate the skin, which is just perfect for using it to clean your makeup brushes. I also bathe my dog in it and she smells baby fresh all week long!


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil While coconut oil may not seem like a totally cheap product, here’s why it is. Coconut oil can be used for EVERYTHING that you could think of for your beauty needs. Okay, it won’t serve as a makeup replacement, but it does serve as a makeup remover, moisturizer, shaving cream, body lotion, wrinkle cream, wound healer, vaginal yeast remedy, lip moisturizer, frizz tamer for your hair, hair conditioner, and is useful for oil pulling. You can even make your own toothpaste with coconut oil and baking soda. Coconut oil is versatile and it lasts forever! Buy an organic brand online to save even more money on a large container instead of paying full price in stores.


Sea Salt Soap

Sea Salt Soap I gave up using expensive face cleansers last year and switched to a cheap, natural sea salt soap bar made of only argan oil, shea butter and sea mud salts. It is very cleansing and nourishing to the skin and doesn't irritate the skin or dry it out. It did wonders for my skin and my budget! For about $3, I get a bar of this soap that lasts a good month to a month and a half, and my skin is soft, clear and clean. I also use the same kind as a body soap to save money instead of buying expensive, chemically-filled body washes.


Physician’s Formula BB Cream and Powder

Physician’s Formula BB Cream and Powder I love this product line by Physician’s Formula. I’m a huge fan of BB creams and powders, but most of them either don’t work too great, or they break my face out due to a high dose of chemicals. Yet, trendy, more elite brands can be pricey. Not Physician’s Formula brand! This brand is the best BB product line I’ve used yet and it is incredibly affordable considering it doesn’t contain all the nasty ingredients in cheaper brands. For about $13, the products come in a 3 month supply, which is an incredible steal!
My makeup looks perfect and polished all day long with no shine whatsoever.


Garnier Length and Strength Shampoo and Conditioner

Garnier Length and Strength Shampoo and Conditioner I’m in love with this line of shampoos and conditioners. Since I’m trying to grow my hair out, I need all the moisture I can get without weighing my hair down. Garnier’s shampoo and conditioner are excellent! These products make your hair super soft, silky and clean. They are also incredibly affordable and most newspaper circulars offer coupons, or you can find coupons online.


Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Burt’s Bees brand makes tons of great beauty products, but some can seem pricey. That’s why I love their lip balm. It is 99% all natural ingredients and only around $2.50. The container lasts forever and it doesn’t taste like plastic like other brands out there! Burt’s Bees is also free of nasty chemicals, which is another plus. The lip balms come in multiple scents and a tinted lip balm is also offered by Burt’s Bees brand if you need a little color.

I’m a huge minimalist when it comes to beauty products, but I haven't always been that way. I used to spend way too much money on tons of products that I didn’t really need. Now, I can still get the same effects as pricey products with these cheap beauty products and not sacrifice quality or my skin. Do you have any favorite cheap beauty products you like? Tell me about it!

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I am referring to the Garnier one not the baby shampoo.

I like aveeno lotion. Helps dry skin.

St. Ives is a great lotion and I love how it's inexpensive!! Perfect to add into this article so good choice

I love St. Ives scrubs and Nivea lotions

I don't suggest letting your makeup brushes soak overnight in any type of liquid. You'll warp the wood of the brush, the glue will dissolve and make the bristles fall out and/or splay.

Super agree with physicians formula bb cream. I get lots of compliments whenever i use it compared to my more expensive foundations. So happy that it is cheap yet looks flattering and very effective on me.

Just thought id point out these products are about double the cost in Canada

Don't soak your brushes overnight!! Totally agree with the other girls!! Just wash them with the shampoo then rinse and dry overnight. Also, as an esthetician and MUA, don't use St.Ives apricot scrub!! The kernels are too harsh on your skin!!

Use it on your feet and apply liberally at night and put on socks. In the morning your feet is so soft and it lessens the time to have your pedicure.

I love Burt's bees products! My lips are really sensitive. I not only love the moisture and outcry if the product but I like that I can feel it working.

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