9 Chic and Cute Makeup Bags ...

Take a break from your day and check out some of these super cute makeup bags I found! Makeup bags are so handy to carry around so your makeup doesn’t get damaged in your bag and it’s a great way to keep all your small, non-makeup items together, too! Whether you’re just in the mood to do some online browsing or you’re in the market for a new cosmetic bag, these chic and cute makeup bags surely are a sight for sore eyes!

1. Sonia Kashuk Colorblock Cosmetic Bag - Double Zip Clutch

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Sonia Kashuk makes some of the best drugstore makeup and cute makeup bags! Check out this chic colorblock makeup bag, it has gorgeous colors and two pouches so you can separate your beauty products. This bag is ideal for stashing your must-have items and stowing them in style!

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