21 Sexy Collarbone Tattoos to Boost Your Shoulder Flaunt ...

By Holly

21 Sexy  Collarbone Tattoos  to Boost  Your Shoulder Flaunt  ...

You don't have to hide all of your tattoos on your hips and ankles. If your boss is okay with you having ink, then you can get it in a spot that will be seen more often. If you're interested in the idea, here are a few cute collarbone tattoos that'll embellish your shoulders:

Table of contents:

  1. compass
  2. key
  3. flowers
  4. faith
  5. feather
  6. birds
  7. simple flowers
  8. red flowers
  9. song
  10. baby feet
  11. words
  12. love
  13. inhale the future
  14. origami
  15. stars
  16. group of flowers
  17. sleeve
  18. branches
  19. be at peace
  20. bird
  21. arrow

1 Compass


How cute does this look with a low cut top?

2 Key


You can get a tattoo that climbs right up your bone. It'll show off the sexy curves of your shoulders.

3 Flowers


Floral tattoos are always a big hit. If you want one, you might want to think about getting it on your collarbone.

4 Faith


One of the most popular types of tattoos to get across your collarbone is written words.

5 Feather


A feather is perfect for this spot of the body, because they curve up, just like your collarbone does.

6 Birds


You don't have to get a huge tattoo. You can get a few teeny tiny ones instead.

7 Simple Flowers


This is a delicate looking tattoo that would look amazing on any woman's skin.

8 Red Flowers


You don't have to stick to getting a black and white tattoo. You can get a colored one instead.

9 Song


If you can't decide if you'd rather have a picture or words, then you can get both of them together.

10 Baby Feet


When you have a child, you might want to get a tattoo in honor of them. This is a great spot for it, because everyone will see it and ask you about your little bundle of joy.

11 Words


You don't have to get a single word tattooed on your collarbone. You can get an entire sentence that goes down your chest!

12 Love


How adorable is this ink? It incorporates multiple pictures into a single word!

13 Inhale the Future


These inspirational words will be helpful, because you'll see them every time you look into the mirror or glance down.

14 Origami


A tattoo like this will make you look feminine and adorable. Everyone who sees it will give it a compliment.

15 Stars


This tattoo is simple, but it's also elegant.

16 Group of Flowers


Instead of getting one of two flowers, you can get an entire cluster of them! The tattoo can even wrap around onto your back if you'd like.

17 Sleeve


If you want to get a sleeve, then you can connect your collarbone tattoo to it. It'll look like it all goes together!

18 Branches


If flowers are too cliche for you, then you can get a branch with some berries on it instead.

19 Be at Peace


These are wise words for any woman. It'll help keep you going, even when times get rough.

20 Bird


Collarbone tattoos look even cuter when you wear a necklace that dangles down next to them.

21 Arrow


This tattoo is about as cute as they come, don't you think? Plus, it's pretty inspirational, too.

Use these adorable tattoos as inspiration the next time you decide to add more ink to your body! Do you have a collarbone tattoo already? What does it look like?

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