7 Cool Cranberry Beauty Products to Try ...

Get yourself in the holiday spirit with cranberry beauty products! Cranberries have such a gorgeous rich red color and a festive fragrance that’s great any time of the year. Aside from their lovely appearance and aroma, cranberries are also packed with antioxidants and have plenty of anti-aging properties also! Jot down some of these cranberry beauty products so you can pick some up for yourself and as gifts!

1. Skinnygirl Cranberry Face and Body Smoothing & Firming Body Wash

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Skinnygirl makes a multitasking cranberry beauty product with this body wash that purports to tone and tighten as well as cleanse the skin. While I wouldn’t be too sure about the skin toning claims, it does contain caffeine and of course cranberry extract to stimulate your skin and your senses!

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