8 Craziest Celebrity Makeup Looks ...

Celebrities have been known to set trends with their hair and makeup and while most celebs these days are pretty tame when it comes to their appearance, I rounded up 8 crazy celebrity makeup looks of stars who aren’t afraid to take risks with their looks. This just goes to show that some celebs just can’t stop pushing the envelope and love to express their creativity through their appearance. Join me on this journey though celebrity makeup ridiculousness and revel in their bravery!

1. Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj is one of stars with the most crazy celebrity makeup looks! That girl can pull off Marge Simpson hair, rainbow colored makeup and outrageous outfits galore and we can’t get enough! Nicki is often spotted with insane eyelashes, blindingly bright hair and eye makeup which she manages to make look cute and yet crazy at the same time!

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