11 Crystal 💎 Infused Beauty Products 🛍 for the New Age Girls 🔮 ...

These crystal infused beauty products are made just for new age girls. According to Bustle, these products are Hollywood's new favorite, and for good reason. Fusing gems into skincare promises to elicit positive energy and a glowing complexion. Each crystal holds a different intention: balance, intuition, and self-love. These top crystal-infused beauty products are sure to bring you to cloud nine and beyond.

1. Titanium Quartz Soap

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Meet titanium quartz: your go-to crystal for stimulating humor and dispelling sorrows. This hand-crafted soap combines titanium quartz and tea tree oil for the ultimate dream team. Time to slather up.

Wild Medicine Titanium Quartz Soap, $22, wildmedicine.us

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