9 Cult Beauty Products Worth Their Hype ...


9 Cult Beauty Products Worth Their Hype ...
9 Cult Beauty Products Worth Their Hype ...

We all know the deal with cult beauty products. A celebrity claims that their good looks is down to a certain cream/treatment/make up item, and everyone floods out to get it. Everywhere from magazines to newspapers and beauty blogs would give five-star reveiews, and you’d have to fight your way around to try and track down the wonderous item – and the price would now have doubled, too. I’ve wised up a lot to cult products these days, but there are some that do work miracles – here are the cult beauty products that are worth their salt.

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Tweezerman Slants

Eyebrows can be mischevious. They’ll look great until you need them to look good for a hot date/important meeting/job interview, and then they’ll go haywire. Which is why no woman should ever be without tweezers, and hopefully Tweezerman Slants. You’ll immediately see and feel the difference between these and cheaper tweezers, making them a definite handbag essential... and one of the cult beauty products worth their hype!


NARS Blush

Need a blush that looks good but isn’t too heavy? NARS are perfect. There is a variety of amazing colors, depending on your skin tone and what type of contouring you do, and you can be sure that there will be one that looks just perfect on you. Make sure you try them out, though, and don’t just buy the default shades. Find the one that works for you and you’ll never need another blush.


Mason Pearson Brush

Does your hair regularly ruin brushes? Ah, just mine then. Well, however well-behaved your hair is, this Mason Pearson brush cannot be beaten. It’s well-made, looks and feels high-quality, and they last a lifetime. And they are kind to your hair, too. You’ll find the bristles never pull or snag, and your hair looks better than ever. An absolute essential.


YSL Touche Eclat

Okay, so you’ve probably already got an opinion on this one. Some love it, and some hate it. Touche Eclat got an astounding amount of media coverage, first from celebrities and models who swore by it, and then by people who just couldn’t get that look. The big issue? Touche Eclat is not a concealer. It won’t hide those blemishes! It’s an illuminating pen, and a really good one. Use it to brighten up under your eyes, and try out the upside-down-triangle illumination technique. You’ll be a convert in no time.


L’oreal Paris Elnett

Doing something dramatic with your hair? Reach for the Elnett. While I tend to stick to other brands for most haircare items, Elnett hairspray really can’t be beaten. It’s light enough to avoid crushing your hair design, it won’t turn your hair into a hard, sticky mess and it doesn’t flake. It’s also designed to brush out, meaning that you can easily get your hair ready for another night out – or brush it out before going to bed, without needing to wash your hair. It’s just fantastic. Although I’d prefer a different scent, personally!


Urban Decay Primer

This is the original primer, and it’s never been beaten. It smells nice, the applicator is soft, it’s easy to put on, it’ll make your eye make up stay in place however hot you get, and regardless of how dramatic your look is… from bright neon shades to intricate smoky eye and rainbow effects, this will make sure your make up stays in place. It’ll even tame oily eyelids. Amazing.


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

This is another item where the cost really does matter. Cheaper curlers might work, but more often than not they also bend your eyelashes rather than curve them, and they can be oh-so-painful as they grip your eyelashes (and probably rip half of them out). This Shu curler will grip right up to the base, completely painlessly, and give a perfect curve. Dreamy.


Kiehl’s Crème De Corps

Okay, so this has been around since the ‘70s, and healthcare has moved on a lot since then. But regardless, this is one of the best body lotions out there. It’s a delicious-smelling creamy formula that is amazingly hydrating and oh-so-rich, but without being greasy. Worlds apart from today’s body butters! If you are going to splurge on a body lotion, try this one. I always use it before I go out – it holds perfume smells so well!


Smith’s Salve

It was the traditional pots that attracted me to this gorgeous salves first. Smith’s is over 100 years old, and a family owned company that has a great salve recipe. There’s a variety of colours so you can choose one that you just love, and it makes a great lip balm, cuticle cream and moisturizer… and it’s small enough to carry everywhere too. I especially love the rosebud version.

There is a whole variety of cult beauty products that just don’t match up to their reputations (Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara, anyone?!) but when they do work, they really are great. Were your favourite cult beauty products here? Let me know what you love, and what doesn’t work for you.

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