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25 Curvy Models We Want to See on the Victoria's Secret Catwalks ...

By Neecey

In April 2015, France made laws to "ban" thin models, even going so far as to saying fines will be imposed on agencies who promote with models with less than a specified minimum BMI. Not only this, they also made it illegal to promote anorexia on the internet and also made it a legal requirement to indicate when photographs of models have been "body-shopped" and retouched.

I think you'll be interested to know that the World Health Organization defines a BMI of 18 and under as malnourished. It is estimated the BMI of an average model is 16! (Based on a height of 5'9" (1.75m) and weight of 7st 12lb (50kg) *

This is all good news for the "body positive" movement which has been gathering significant momentum in 2015. It also means we should be seeing more voluptuous women striding the catwalk in the future.

Here are some curvier models I'm sure we'd all love to see more of - especially used by Victoria's Secret, who have to date stated, "no plus-size" models here.

1 Georgia Pratt

Flawless skin and pouty lips! Georgia will be seen in a documentary called Straight/Curve - an examination of body image and the media.
Georgia Pratt

2 Tess Holliday

This size 22 stunner caused a sensation when she was signed to Milk Model Management.
Tess Holliday


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3 Olivia Langdon

Olivia is one of 5 Australian models in #ProjectWomanKIND - a YouTube web series featuring five curvy models challenging society's pre-determined ideals that define beauty.
Olivia Langdon

4 Sophie Sheppard

Another of the participants of #ProjectWomanKIND
Sophie Sheppard

5 Denise Bidot

Yes - proof positive that you can have cellulite and still rock a bikini.
Denise Bidot

6 Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn is a plus-size model with a huge social media following and now BohooPLUS (a UK retailer) has snapped her up to design a clothing range for curvy girls.
Nadia Aboulhosn

7 Candice Huffine

The first "plus-size" model to feature in the Pirelli calendar (The European equivalent of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.)
Candice Huffine

8 Marquita Pring

A genuine modeling icon, Marquita is co-founder of ALDA – a positive body image group that encourages women to embrace their curves and take pride in their appearance, regardless of their size.
Marquita Pring

9 Ashley Graham

After making a huge name for herself as one of the curvier models, she took to the runway and modeled her self-designed lingerie line at NYFW.
Ashley Graham

10 Olivia Campbell

This gorgeous lady is among those leading the charge of the British plus size models.
Olivia Campbell

11 Erica Schenk

After a cover and feature in Running magazine, if this photo from a New York photo shoot is anything to go by, we'll be seeing a lot more of this lady.
Erica Schenk

12 Georgina Burke

There's a whole bevvy of beauties from Australia, a country that seems to be very much behind the body positive push.
Georgina Burke

13 Lauren Karaman

Larger women are bullied - fact. But you don't expect it from your parents. Lauren's reaction? Ignore the taunting, sign a contract with a top modeling agency and create a video series on the challenges, realities, and feelings of plus-size models.
Lauren Karaman

14 Allexa D'Alessio

As a 13 year old Allexa was told she needed to lose weight to be a model. She was told the same thing at 18. Now at 23, she's successful plus size model - happy with her career and her weight!
Allexa D'Alessio

15 Sabina Karlsson

One gorgeous Swedish gal who blossomed into stunning curves that haven't held back her catwalk career. Indeed , she walked the runway the September NYFW.
Sabina Karlsson

16 Jennie Runk

Made waves in the modeling world when she starred in a swimsuit campaign for H&M.
Jennie Runk

17 Philomena Kwao

One of the beauties blazing a trail for curvier high-fashion models.
Philomena Kwao

18 Myla Dalbesio

You know there's a whiff of change in the air when Calvin Klein picks someone the industry describes as "plus size" for an ad campaign.
Myla Dalbesio

19 Felicity Hayward

Looks to slay and the curves an icon from the golden days of Hollywood would die for.
Felicity Hayward

20 Lauren Chan

A model who went through weight swings and diets from the age of 14 to try and achieve what she believed was the necessity to be thin to make it.
Lauren Chan

21 Iskra Lawrence

This English rose appeared in Aerie's unretouched campaigns and recently made news by implementing the National Eating Disorders Association's inaugural NEDA Inspires award.
Iskra Lawrence

22 Victoria Lee

This lady from Atlanta, Ga is making headlines following her appearance in Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign.
Victoria Lee

23 Elly Mayday

Hailing from Canada, Elly is an inspiring ovarian cancer survivor and activist who has appeared in Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign.
Elly Mayday

24 Whitney Wells

A true Californian girl who is seriously hot property right now. Shop your favorite stores online and you’ll be sure to spot her.
Whitney Wells

25 Jocelyn Corona

Just 18 and 6 months into her modeling career this hot Mexican has already walked the runway in the NYFW.
Jocelyn CoronaP. S. I should also tell you that Italy demands health certificates for catwalk models and Spain also has a minimum BMI limit for Madrid fashion shows.

I'd like to throw a question out there. Why is the world not having the same debate about plus-sized (for want of a better term) male models?

* source

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