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Did You Know There Are 9 Different Types of Boobs

By Deeceebee

It helps to know they are various different types of boobs. As you are growing up and going through puberty, one of the main points of anxiety and worry that can take up a young woman’s thought process is her boobs. Are they too big? Are they too small? Are they normal? Do they look like they should? Are they the same as everyone else’s? It’s this kind of thinking that can lead to more serious body image issues, and when it comes to breasts, the truth is that there really isn’t a ‘normal’. They come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes! To help ease your worries, here are nine different types of boobs.

Table of contents:

  1. Athletic
  2. Tear drop
  3. East west
  4. Slender
  5. Side set
  6. Bell shape
  7. Relaxed
  8. Round
  9. Asymmetric

1 Athletic

These are boobs that are characterised as being more muscular with less excess tissue surrounding them. Please note that you don’t have to be an athletic person to be blessed with athletic boobs!

2 Tear Drop

Tear drop breasts are the ones that are round but slightly less full at the top. They are the kind of boobs that you often see in classical paintings. If you have these kinds of boobs, then you are obviously destined to be a great artist’s muse!

3 East West

This relates more to the nipples than to the actual breasts. Yours can be described as east west if your nipples look like they are pointing out in different directions. There’s nothing wrong with them at all; they just came to rest in slightly different places than more forward pointing nips!

4 Slender

Slender breasts are breasts that are thinner than, for example, tear drops. They tend to have nipples that point straight downwards instead of outwards. You might find that you have quite a bit of space in between your boobs rather than a full natural cleavage.

5 Side Set

These are boobs that are placed less centrally on your chest than other types. You will have a wider space between your boobs, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t possess a great deal of bounce and fullness!

6 Bell Shape

These are very similar to tear drop breasts, with the only difference being the bell shaped are slightly less round and appear to be slimmer up top and fuller down at the bottom. If your boobs are particularly heavy, they might work themselves in to a bell shape.

7 Relaxed

Relaxed boobs are the kind of boobs that possess quite lax tissue and feature nipples that point downwards rather than outwards. They look wonderfully natural compared to those gravity defying fake boobs that you see today!

8 Round

It’s easy to describe all boobs as round, but it isn’t until you see a truly round pair that you can recognise the difference! Round boobs are characterised by strong fullness at the top and the bottom of the breast.

9 Asymmetric

Asymmetric boobs are much more common than you could ever imagine! We all have one that is slightly bigger than the other, but for some people, the difference is much more defined and noticeable.

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