8 Different Ways to Make Your Lips Look Bigger ...


8 Different Ways to Make Your Lips Look Bigger ...
8 Different Ways to Make Your Lips Look Bigger ...

Full Lips are are lush, plush, and incredibly kissable, leading many women to look for ways to make their pouts a little more luscious. There are actually a number of ways to do that, and it isn't at all necessary to resort to cosmetic surgery techniques like collagen or Botox. In fact, it's easy to get full lips if you know all the tricks, and with many methods you probably already have everything you need in your home. If you want full lips but cosmetic surgeries aren't really your bag, I've got a bunch of different ways to make your lips look bigger in no time!

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One way to get full lips is to exfoliate them. You can get a soft bristled tooth brush, apply some balm to your lips, and then exfoliate by gently brushing your lips. This causes the blood to circulate throughout your mouth and, as a result, it makes your lips look plump. The effect is only temporary but it can last for longer periods of time if you do it regularly. You can also use sugar to exfoliate your lips by mixing sugar with water until it becomes a paste (don't use so much that it dissolves completely!). Apply the mixture to your lips in small circles, but do it on the skin around your lips as well. Not only will your mouth look fuller, but it'll taste sweet!


The Light for Your Lips

This might sound strange, but get a white pencil, a concealer a couple shades lighter than what you use as cover-up, or a luminizer. Using any one of these, you can then line it so that it tones the cupid's bow of your mouth. After blending it in with a light touch, the effect will make your lips look all kinds of luscious!


The Eyeliner Trick

This sounds weird too, but it's a sure way to get full lips. All you need is an eyeliner pencil in a soft shade of brown. Apply it just beneath your bottom lip; don't do more than an eighth of an inch. This makes your lips look fuller simply because of the shadow it creates ? it makes it look like your lips are so plump, they're casting their own shadow!


Wear Lighter Shades

One of the best ways to make your lips look fuller and more lush is just to choose the right shades of lipstick and gloss. Specifically, darker shades tend to make your lips look smaller no matter how full they are. Light shades, especially if they have a shiny, glistening finish, automatically make your mouth look more lush, primarily because of the way light reflects off the gloss. When you use a light gloss, you can also try putting a little bit just in the center of your upper and lower lips.


A Fuller Outline

Naturally, using a lip liner is an excellent, easy way to get a plump pout. When it comes to full lips, symmetry is just as important as actual lushness. Without going too far overboard, give your lips a full outline. It's better to do a very thin line around the edges of your lips ? but stick close to their natural delineation! Make sure you fix any asymmetries, but don't try to radically change the shape of your lips. Keep your lines thin and make sure the liner you use is close to your lips in color ? that'll make this look more natural. Another option is to cover your lips with concealer, because that makes it easier to shape your fuller lines.


Lip Plumpers

Lip plumping glosses and lipsticks can create a luscious pout as well. Now, there are plumping lipsticks and lip enhancers. The enhancers generally contain things like retinal or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, both of which claim to produce more collagen. They actually work by creating an allergic reaction, which is usually mild. If your skin's really sensitive, however, a plumping gloss may work better. You get the same kind of tingle and a plump look, but they're not as intense. Covergirl, Revlon, L'Oreal, and many others now have lip plumpers in a gorgeous array of colors, so just try whatever works for you!


Natural Plumping Agents

You can also make your own plumping agents using natural ingredients. Clove oil works to create fuller lips, but make sure you mix it in with your lip color or your balm ? and only use a tiny bit! Liquid niacin can also be used in the same manner for a lovely plumping effect. You can also create a mixture of cinnamon and Vaseline, apply it to your lips, and let it set for five minutes or so. The cinnamon helps with the lush, plush look. For added plumpness, you can substitute the Vaseline with a plumping gloss. Another option is to mix Vaseline and honey.


Don't Forget the Vaseline

Speaking of Vaseline, this is a quick fix for lush looking lips. As mentioned, when your lips shine, they naturally look fuller. If you're ever in a hurry and need a plush pout, just slick on some Vaseline. Not only will it naturally soften your lips, but the glistening sheen it creates will make them look luscious, large, and that much more kissable!

Maybe you weren't born with full lips or maybe you just want to give your pout a little extra oomph. Either way, these are definitely the best ways to make your lips look better without resorting to surgery or spending a ton of money. There are some potentially dangerous methods out there, like suctioning with bottles and glasses, but you don't need to go that far either. With these methods, full lips are just a few minutes away ? and they can be permanent if you keep up a regular routine! What do you think is the best way to show off full lips and plump pouts?

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Hmm...what if you seek to eat certain foods that help collagen production. Do you think that might work? You know, since the lip plumpers say they increase collagen? If that's true, then I recommend wearing lip balm (preferably SPF 30) with sunscreen. What do you think?

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