DIY Facial Cleanser using 2 Natural Ingredients ...


DIY Facial Cleanser using 2 Natural Ingredients ...
DIY Facial Cleanser using 2 Natural Ingredients ...

A beauty routine is not always about buying expensive cosmetics. Nature has given us countless ingredients to make beauty products. Besides, several expensive beauty products are based on natural ingredients. Today’s DIY recipe is a cleansing gel for oily or acne prone skin. It is based on lemon and honey. Before I give you some advice about the application of this cleansing gel let me tell you a few things so as to understand why I chose these two ingredients and how beneficial can be for your skin.

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Lemon is probably the best cleansing ingredient you can use for your beauty routine due to its antibacterial properties. Lemon's antibacterial and anti fungal properties make it a natural alternative to treat acne. What is more, as it is known citrus are full of vitamin C and antioxidants which are a perfect combination of anti-aging. All in all, it’s the ideal solution for someone who wants to enrich their skin with vitamins and antioxidants and simultaneously taking care of their oily skin.



Honey is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and other anti-aging, skin clarifying, and moisturizing ingredients that make it a must-have among natural beauty experts. This is why there are many cosmetics e.g facial masks, shower gels, and body lotions that contain honey. It is generally considered to be a humectant and skin conditioning agent. This is very important as most people with oily skin focus on reducing the excess of sebum and forget that moisturizing is also important.


Combining Honey and Lemon

Even if you cleaned your face at night and you removed your make-up, in the morning you need to clean your face again with a mild cleanser, such as a lemon, honey and aloe cleansing gel. Immediately you will feel your skin much cleaner, lighter, and smoother. This cleanser is ideal for dull skins to glow, as well as youthful skins with a tendency for acne and black spots.

Ingredients :

Lemon juice
Aloe (optional)

Instructions: Mix equal parts of all four materials and shake well in a container. Make a small quantity for 3-4 days.

Every morning wash with the mixture as you wash with plain water and follow with your moisturizer. However, due to lemon’s acidity, you should keep in mind two things :

Use it only in the morning and never forget your sunscreen cream especially when exposed to the sun.

Extra tip: Always test your cosmetics, even homemade with a patch test.

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