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Every Beauty Obsessed Woman Needs These Simple Floral Beauty DIYs ...

By Neecey

Want to know how to harness the power of flowers to make you even more beautiful? Read on for some fabulous recipes for beauty products you can make at home.

Table of contents:

  1. How to make wild rose water for a natural skin freshener/toner
  2. Floral lip balm
  3. 3 homemade herbal & floral steam facials
  4. Coconut oil orchid hand scrub
  5. Freshen up with these diy face mists
  6. Citrus and hibiscus lip balm
  7. Almond floral body scrub
  8. Rose petal body polish
  9. Restorative rose bath soak
  10. Diy sparkling flower-scented coconut oil sugar scrubs
  11. A beauty mask made from flowers
  12. Lavender toner for oily and normal skin
  13. Dandelion lotion bars for smooth skin
  14. Lavender rose hand lotion
  15. Beauty sleep body spray
  16. Skin brightening floral water
  17. Geranium hair serum for split ends and dry hair
  18. Rose makeup setting spray
  19. Lavender dry shampoo
  20. Rose petal and mint lip scrub
  21. Rose and lavender bath melts
  22. Lavender and lemon oatmeal mask
  23. Floral lotion bars to moisturize and soften
  24. Miracle foot soak
  25. Rose, cardamom and ginger body soak

1 How to Make Wild Rose Water for a Natural Skin Freshener/toner


2 Floral Lip Balm

Source: Floral lip balm: DIY Beauty

3 3 Homemade Herbal & Floral Steam Facials

Source: 3 DIY Homemade Herbal &

4 Coconut Oil Orchid Hand Scrub

Source: DIY: Coconut Oil Orchid Sugar

5 Freshen up with These DIY Face Mists


6 Citrus and Hibiscus Lip Balm

Source: Tropical Orange Hibiscus Lip Balm

7 Almond Floral Body Scrub

Source: DIY Almond and Floral Body

8 Rose Petal Body Polish

Source: How to make sensual rose

9 Restorative Rose Bath Soak

Source: Ditch the Tights and Soak

10 DIY Sparkling Flower-scented Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs

Source: DIY Gift Idea: Sparkling Flower-Scented

11 A Beauty Mask Made from Flowers

Source: Follow Gardenista

12 Lavender Toner for Oily and Normal Skin

Source: natalie creates: homemade lavender toner

13 Dandelion Lotion Bars for Smooth Skin

Source: Dandelion Lotion Bars

14 Lavender Rose Hand Lotion

Source: Homemade Lavender-Rose Hand Cream Overthrow

15 Beauty Sleep Body Spray

Source: 5 Easy Steps to Get

16 Skin Brightening Floral Water

Source: Floral Water Skin Brightening Recipe

17 Geranium Hair Serum for Split Ends and Dry Hair

Source: hair serum

18 Rose Makeup Setting Spray

Source: DIY Rosewater Make-Up Setting Spray

19 Lavender Dry Shampoo

Source: DIY Dry Shampoo

20 Rose Petal and Mint Lip Scrub

Source: Rose Petal and Mint Lip

21 Rose and Lavender Bath Melts

Source: DIY Lavender Rose Bath Melts

22 Lavender and Lemon Oatmeal Mask

Source: Lavender & Lemon Oatmeal Mud

23 Floral Lotion Bars to Moisturize and Soften

Source: Get Skin Ready for Summer

24 Miracle Foot Soak

Source: A Miracle Treatment to Make

25 Rose, Cardamom and Ginger Body Soak

Source: DIY: Rose, Cardamom, and Ginger

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