DIY Recipes πŸ₯„ That'll Give You Plumper Lips πŸ’‹ ...

There’s something about a full plump set of lips that is just so attractive, don’t you think? There are lots of things you can do to take great care of your kisser, including regularly exfoliating and wearing SPF lip balm to protect against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Another thing you can do is to whip up one of these easy recipes to give your lips a complete makeover that you will love seeing in the mirror every day.

1. Simple Sugar Lip Scrub

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This is probably my favorite recipe because it’s easy to mix up and is super effective for smoothing lips and making them plump and perfect. You probably have everything you need right in your own kitchen.


Olive oil


Combine equal amounts sugar and olive oil to make a paste. Use a toothbrush or your finger to gently massage the mixture into your lips.


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