7 Downton Abbey Beauty Tips We Can All Try ...

From the never-endingly staunch Mary through to Lady Grantham, the ladies of TV’s favorite period drama would have had some great Downton Abbey beauty tips we could all enjoy. During the early part of the 20th century, our aristocracy was still quite schtum about beauty in Britain. They were all into it, it just wasn’t ‘ladylike’ to be caught dead indulging in cosmetics. Today, there are still plenty of Downton Abbey beauty tips we can all try.

1. It’s All about the Corsets

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Remember the scene in Season Four when Mrs Patmore gladly tells Lady Crawley that she would happily embrace the lack of corsets that came with the 1920s revolution? Well corsets were one die hard aspect of early 20th century beauty. Until the 1920s, this would have been one of the more painful Downton Abbey beauty tips, as it meant adhering to stomach clenching whalebone. Fast forward to the interwar period and elasticated alternatives were available. Whether the aristocracy would have adopted them is another matter…

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