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Easy DIY Lip Balm Made out of KOOL-AID ...

By Leiann

This DIY is so neat! All it takes is a KOOL-AID packet and some petroleum jelly to make shiny and luscious lips!

As for shiny, of course the petroleum jelly takes all of the credit.

As for luscious, the KOOL-AID makes soft and flavorful.

As for frugal, which I have waited to mention until last, is that both ingredients may be bought at your local dollar store. Near me, a gal can buy 6 to 10 packets for a $1.00! A jar of petroleum jelly? You guessed it! A $1.00!

So, create in bulk. Treat yourself and/or treat your gal pals! Maybe even have a KOOL-AID lip balm party and make different flavors!

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