7 Easy Steps to a Gorgeous Retro Blowdry ...


Everybody said it’d be all about space-age slicked-back hair this season, but it’s actually the retro blowdry that’s got everybody talking. It’s escaped from its usual glamorous red-carpet events, and now celebrities seem to be wearing it everywhere, leading everyone to want to get the look. Here’s our best tips on how to get the perfect retro blowdry look, without the expensive hairdressers on hand.

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You’ll Need Product…

Whatever your hair is like, for a retro blowdry, you’ll need some product. If you can get your hands on some samples, that’s a great way to see which brands and formulas work best for you. If that’s not possible, try swapping products with friends or family members instead. You’ll need a volume spray or setting lotion, ideally, to help you get that big look.


Apply It Well…

Loosely spraying all over the hair isn’t the way to apply product to your hair! For this look, it’s best to start with damp hair. That means it should feel wet to touch, but shouldn’t be dripping everywhere. Spray your setting lotion onto damp hair, focusing on the roots, and combing through the ends.


Blowdry the Hair…

Ever wondered how hairdressers get hair looking so big with just a hairdryer? It’s all in the movement. As you blowdry your hair, move your roots from side to side to build a big foundation. You’ll notice your hair starts to lift and get bigger, which is exactly what you want.


Show off Your Layers…

If you’ve got layered locks, you can really show them off with this style. Wrap each layer around a round brush, and blowdry. The hot air will ‘set’ the hair into curls away from the face, creating movement that will really set your retro blowdry apart.


Use Smoothing Serum…

If your hair is naturally frizzy or wavy, don’t be tempted to straighten it. Instead, use a good smoothing serum to calm curls and frizz, and make the hair easier to style. Apply this during the blowdry process for the best effect, and target those troublesome areas rather than smothering your whole head in it. That can lead to hair looking greasy and old far before it usually would! When it comes to serum, a little goes a long way.


Straighten Your Parting…

When your hair is almost dry, it’s time to sort your parting. For a retro blowdry, a straight center parting is usually best. For a slightly different take on the look, try a side parting instead, but keep it straight. Use the thin edge of a comb to straighten out the center and comb hair into place before setting it using the warm setting on your hairdryer.


Tip Your Head Back…

Some people swear by turning the head upside down during the last few minutes of drying to create the perfect retro blowdry. It allows you to easily target the hairs immediately on the crown, and creates volume when you right your head. It works quite well, albeit a little messily! If your hair isn’t holding the volume, try drying it upside down, and styling afterwards.

Next, hold your retro blowdry in place using hairspray. If you’ve got very fine hair, you might find that your style lasts anyway – for everyone else, try a light yet strong hairspray and use gently, holding it as far away from the head as possible to avoid crushing the volume. Now just add some retro makeup, and your look is done! Do you love the retro blowdry look?

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