8 Easy Steps to Natural Looking False Eyelashes ...


8 Easy Steps to Natural Looking False Eyelashes ...
8 Easy Steps to Natural Looking False Eyelashes ...

Want to add some drama to your eyes but don’t quite know how to get natural looking false lashes? I totally understand your quandary! Falsies can make you look hot or a hot mess! However, even if you're a novice, there are lots of things you can do to make your eyelashes look both lush and natural! Read on for 8 easy steps to natural looking false lashes that will have you rocking some lashes that rivals Kim Kardashian’s famous fringe!

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Take a Look

The first step in getting natural looking false lashes is to look at your own eyelashes. How do they look? Are they short, sparse, long, thick, or average? Depending on the look and condition of your natural eyelashes, you’ll want to get falsies that are somewhat similar to your own lashes in order to get that natural looking false lashes look.


You Better Shop around

The next step in how to get natural looking falsies is to head to the drugstore and look for a pair of lashes that are similar to your own set and has a relatively thin band. You don’t want to get a pair of lashes that has too thick of a band because they need to be applied very close to the natural lashline in order for it to look natural, which can be difficult for newbies. Don’t forget to pick up a tube of dark lash glue!


Get Measured and Trim

Your next step in how to achieve the natural lash look is to carefully peel one lash strip off the packaging and measure it to your lashline. Most likely the lashes you bought are too long for your eye so get some scissors and trim the outer edge of the strip. If the lashes are too long for your liking, you can also trim the length. The inner edge of the lashes contains some shorter lashes that help the falsies look more natural so avoid cutting the inner strip.


Get Sticky with It

The next tip in getting natural looking false lashes is to apply a thin line of eyelash glue to the band. Most falsies come with black bands so it’s important to get a dark lash glue to blend in with your eyes. It also blends better with dark eyeliner. The next step is personal preference; some ladies like to apply the strip while it’s still wet while others like to wait until it gets tacky. Try out both methods out to see which you prefer best!


Lash out

This is the hardest step in getting natural looking false lashes-putting the lashes on! If your falsies happened to come with an applicator, you can use that to pick up the lash and set it as close to your natural lashline as possible. If not, you can use tweezers or your fingers to pick up the lashes and set down one corner at a time. Try applying the lashes while the glue is wet or after it gets tacky.


Hold It down

Next tip on how to apply false eyelashes is to hold down one corner or end of the strip of lashes and then repeat to the other side. You can apply the strip to your eyelid or directly on top of your natural lashes. If you mess up, try adjusting the strip while the glue is still wet. Getting the lashes to stick to an area that looks natural is the most difficult part, so don’t get discouraged!


Get Your Curl on

An important tip in getting natural looking false lashes is to fuse your natural lashes and false lashes together with an eyelash curler. This will help them to blend more naturally and also help both sets of lashes look more natural since they are being curled together. If you have applied eyeliner prior to applying your falsies, you might want to reapply it to help blend the band of your falsies.


Top It off

The last and final step to your natural looking false lashes look is to apply mascara. This step also helps to make your falsies look more natural by further blending the natural and false lashes together as well as helping give your eyes more of a pop! If you want to reuse your lashes, make sure you clean the mascara off!

Are you ready to try your hand at some natural looking false lashes?! It might be frustrating at first, but it gets easier with practice and the payoff is priceless! There is no easier way to achieve a dramatic look for eyes or just turn your look up a notch for a special event. Do you have any tips on achieving a natural look with false lashes?

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Using mascara along with our eyelashes will only make them ruined. You will not be able to wash off the mascara without ripping the lashes. Either put mascara on before you apply the lashes, or don't use any at all.

Actually, if you let your lashes soak in dish soap , you can remove the mascara and make them look new again.I never have any problems removing glue or mascara when I use dish soap. I always apply mascara to my lashes, it looks way better.

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