7 Easy 👏🏼 Ways Every Girl Can Be Super 🤗 Glamorous 💄 ...

These quick tips are a super easy way for how every girl can incorporate a little bit of glamour into her life (I mean you can never have too much, right?) through simple things such as nails, shoes and so many more!

1. A Neat, High Bun

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Nothing speaks glamour like a super classy high bun! For a really neat and polished finish to your hair, buy a hair doughnut (they're usually pretty cheap) in the closest shade to your hair colour, then put your hair in a high ponytail, thread the doughnut through the pony until it's up super high on your head. Wrap your pony around the sides of the doughnut until it's completely covered by hair and use matching bobby pins to secure the wrapped hair and keep them in place!

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