7 Easy Ways to Accentuate Your Best Features ...


7 Easy Ways to Accentuate Your Best Features ...
7 Easy Ways to Accentuate Your Best Features ...

Do you want to know how to accentuate best features, from eyes to lips to cheekbones? It's actually quite easy, as long as you know the proper tricks – and that's why I'm here! There are dozens of reasons you might be interested in accentuating your best features, but it all comes down to looking your best. Do you have full, lush lips to which you want to draw attention? Maybe you want to make sure your eyes really pop. Maybe it's your hair, the curve of your neck, or even your ears! It goes without saying that you are beautiful inside and out, but everyone has a physical trait they want to bring out, so check out these tips for bringing out your best features!

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The Right Makeup

Learning how to accentuate best features means learning how to apply makeup properly. If you have amazing cheekbones, focus not just on blush, but also on contouring, shading, and blending. With lush lips, learn about which colors work best for you, as well as figuring out whether you need a matte or shiny lipstick, a gloss, or lip liner. For eyes, make the most of the right eye shadow shades, mascara, and eyeliner. If your skin is your best feature, you may not even need any makeup, or very little, and you'll have to be careful about what kind of foundation you wear.


To enhance your natural beauty, consider the texture and finish of your makeup products. For instance, if you have fine lines or dry skin, opt for hydrating formulas and avoid heavy matte finishes that may settle into wrinkles. Always use products that complement your skin tone. Those with oily skin can benefit from oil-free and long-wearing cosmetics that resist smudging. Adding a highlighter can give a subtle glow to high points of the face. Remember, less is often more, and a minimalist approach can sometimes be the most striking.


Awesome Jewelry

Jewelry can help with accentuating your best features as well. If you have lovely hands, for instance, then rings are your friends, while watches and bracelets can draw attention to slender, elegant wrists. A strand of pearls or a simple chain can draw the eye to the curve of your neck and the hollow of your throat. Have cute ears? Earrings! If you don't mind more extreme piercings, then you might even consider labret or lip piercings, as well as eyebrow rings.


The Perfect Haircut

There's no doubt about it, the right haircut plays a huge part in bringing out your features, whatever they are. For instance, bangs can actually highlight your eyes, depending on their color and the color of your hair. If you have a beautiful jawline, curved or sharp, then a short cut is wonderful – ditto if your features are androgynous.


The Perfect Hairstyle

Your actual style is also crucial when it comes to accentuating your best features. A style is different than a cut, of course, because you might have a long cut, which gives you dozens of ways to style it. An open style, without bangs or with your hair pulled back, will accentuate the features of your face beautifully. You can also choose a face framing style. Part of the fun is experimenting to see what makes your favorite feature look its best!


Fabulous Fashion Choices

Your favorite feature isn't necessarily on your face, and that's cool. Maybe you love your legs, your hips, your breasts, or even your belly button! Rest assured, there are fashion choices which can help you make the most of your body's fabulous features as well – and, again, half the fun is in experimenting!


Incredible Accessories

Never doubt the value of accessories, either. A belt, a hair bow, a bag, or the right pair of shoes can bring your look together and bring out your most fantastic features. Try on different things to see what works best for you, and then work it until it breaks!


A Beautiful Smile

Last but most certainly not least, no matter what your best feature, a smile brings it out to perfection. Eyes, cheeks, lips, teeth, hips – it doesn't matter. If you strut with confidence and keep a lovely smile on your face, everyone's attention will be drawn into you, and they'll see your best features, too!

Learning how to accentuate best features is easy once you know the right techniques. Some shading, the right makeup, the right hairstyle – that's really all it takes! Take a look in the mirror, look past any flaws you think you have and see the beautiful person staring back at you. Pay attention to what draws your eye the most, that's what you need to bring out! What do you do to accentuate your best features?

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