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You might not give your eyebrows that much thought, but you should. Keeping your eyebrows healthy and groomed is great for looks, but also ensures that they stay lustrous and full for your entire lifetime. Even if you think your eyebrows are just fine, you might find a tip here that can help them look and feel even better. If you ever have problems with thinning or rashes in your eyebrow area, see your dermatologist for treatment options. In the meantime, follow these handy tips to the best eyebrows ever.

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Shape Them

Most experts recommend having this done professionally a few times so you can see and learn the best look for you. By keeping your eyebrows properly shaped, you don’t have to worry about filling them in. Using any kind of product on your face can clog pores and cause reactions, so the fewer cosmetics you need, the better. If you’re skeptical, take my word for it. I have never used a brow filling item because I learned early on how to have a groomed look that doesn’t look too thin.


When choosing a professional to shape your brows, look for someone with a solid reputation and plenty of before-and-after photos. Remember, you’re not just paying for their service but also for their expertise on what complements your face shape. Once you've learned the ropes, maintaining the shape at home is possible with minimal tools – tweezers and a small eyebrow scissor. Be mindful though; over-plucking is easy, but correcting it is a waiting game. Patience is key, let your brows grow in before making any drastic changes again.


Comb Your Brows

Just like with the hair on your head, a bit of stimulation helps keep your eyebrow hairs healthy by distributing natural oils. You don’t have to comb your eyebrows all the time, but once or twice a week is a good idea. You can also tame strays by combing your brows so keep a good brow comb in your cosmetics bag.


When combing your brows, use gentle, upward strokes to align the hairs in a more uniform and natural look. This not only neatens your appearance but makes it easier to spot any sparse areas that might need a little extra attention. Remember, a well-groomed brow frames the face and enhances your features. For a polished look, consider applying a small amount of clear eyebrow gel post-combing to maintain your brows’ shape throughout the day. It's a simple step that can make a big difference in how put-together you look!



Underneath your brows is skin, which needs to be moisturized. Otherwise, you run the risk of dryness and flaking, which can make you look like you have dandruff in your eyebrows. When you apply your facial creams, make sure to rub a bit into your brows to. As a bonus – this helps keep brows in place so they look groomed all day long.


Moreover, when selecting a moisturizer, opt for one that is gentle and non-comedogenic, meaning it won't block pores or cause acne around the brow area. Natural oils like jojoba or coconut oil can also be effective for keeping the skin hydrated and promoting a healthy eyebrow hair growth. For an extra touch of care, especially during harsh weather conditions, you might want to apply a richer cream or balm at night to nourish and repair your skin while you sleep. Just as the rest of your face deserves a customized skincare routine, your eyebrows benefit from this tailored approach as well.


Wax Carefully

If you decide to wax your eyebrows at home, do so with caution. Make sure the wax isn’t too hot or you could wind up with burns. When you remove the wax, pull it in the direction your brows grow, which dramatically reduces the chances that you’ll tear out a hunk of skin at the same time. Make sure the wax is always clean and that your hands are clean before you apply it. This helps reduce the risk of infections if you break the skin.


Be Gentle

No matter what you’re doing to your brows, use a gentle hand. You don’t want to be too rough because you might wind up pulling out your hairs, which hurts and can leave you with a look that’s too thin. Also, the skin that’s beneath your hairs is thin and delicate so you want to treat it with lots of care.


Try Eyeshadow

Like I said before, putting unneeded products on your skin is a recipe for disaster sometimes. However, some women have pale or sparse brows by nature. If that’s the case for you, experts recommend using eyeshadow to fill them in rather than a brow pencil. The eyeshadow is often easier on the skin and creates a more natural look than a pencil does.


The Right Products

Considering that your eyebrows cover skin, it’s a good idea to choose cosmetics and skin creams and cleansers formulated for your skin type. Also, if you have a tattoo or piercing on your eyebrow, make sure you take the best care of it possible to avoid problems that you won’t be able to easily cover up.

How do you care for your brows? Did you know they required so much attention? Any other tips to share?

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Try filling them in but growing them will take time but it will be worth the wait

Hey Eliza, this piece is really good. Ideas shared by you are really credible. I will definitely consider your tips for my brows. By using your tips one can add a volume to the entire face. I also have notions on this topic. It is important that you opt for a good eyebrow pencil that fills in the brow effectively. The fine strokes of the pencil along with the built in comb ensure that you get a natural and intense looking eyebrow that upgrades your appearance successfully.

I unfortunately cut my brows in half exactly in the middle, how can i grow them pretty?

Castor oil does work but I can't seem to arch my eyebrows, or fill them in like alot of these models in makeup tutorials, how can I get mine arched to fit my face?

You should never wax because it stretches the skin and you end up with droopy eyelids. Same goes for other extremely sensitive areas.

I tweezed mine slightly more than I should have so be careful. Eyebrows change our face totally so just try and keep them groomed. I've been growing mine for 18 months but I'm looking forward to finally getting them groomed in June. I've had some funny looks though lol

I started putting castor oil on my eye brows about 2 weeks ago and man they grew and filled out. They were too thin from years of over plucking. Castor oil definitely grew new hairs.

@misty what castor oil, liquid or the one that comes like coconut butter i bought it at walmart but i dont think it works

Thread them! It works so much better than waxing.

@cindy I just grabbed the liquid bottle at Walmart by the stomach meds like pepto and such. It was only a couple of bucks. Just massage it gently and leave on to sleep or hanging out at home in your pjs. I use a baby wipe to wipe away any extra close to my eye or between my eyebrows

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