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Body acne sucks and if you’re curious as to how to deal with it, well you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got 8 simple ways to treat bothersome body blemishes and, plus tips on how you can prevent it from resurfacing. Acne on your body can prevent you from feeling confident in sleeveless tops and backless dresses and so on, so why suffer in silence? Arm yourself with knowledge and kiss those blemishes goodbye!

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Wash up

The first step in how to deal with body acne is to wash your body with an anti-bacterial body wash made for your body or an anti-bacterial soap. Other good options are exfoliating washes or body washes containing glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids. Try to avoid using harsh soaps or heavily perfumed body washes, as they can further aggravate your skin.


Spray It

Another effective way to treat body blemishes is to use a spray specifically made for body acne. Search beauty shops or drugstores for acne sprays meant for your body, and spritz your skin after you shower. Using an anti-acne spray instead of a cream can be easier to use when it comes to large and hard-to-reach areas like your back so it’s a great option that’s fast and no-fuss.


Breathe Right

Another way to fight the war on body acne is to wear loose, breathable fabrics. You want to avoid wearing tight, fitted clothing as it can trap perspiration on your skin. Same goes for workout clothes, try to wear loose and thin fabrics instead of donning head-to-toe spandex so your skin can breathe while you’re getting your sweat on!


Hit the Shower

Hitting the showers immediately after a sweat sesh is a must in dealing with acne! After you finish a workout, cleanse your skin ASAP so you wash off sweat and avoid clogging pores. Also, you’ll wash off anything else that was left on the gym equipment that might have come in contact with your skin. You’ve seen how unhygienic people can be-wash your hands and body well!


Get Creamy

Another step in how to deal with body acne is to apply an acne cream containing 10% benzoyl peroxide and spot treat. If you’re dealing with a larger area, the acne spray might be a better option, but if you have some small areas here and there, a gel or cream will be sufficient. You can find 10% benzoyl peroxide over-the-counter at drugstores and beauty stores.


Slough Away

An effective way to deal with body blemishes and prevent them is by frequently exfoliating your skin to slough off dead skin cells. Promote new skin growth and help keep pores clean by using a mild exfoliant or sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are recommended as they’re milder than salt scrubs which can be more abrasive. After you exfoliate, remember to moisturize so your skin doesn’t get overly dry from the scrubs and acne creams.


Chow down

Another important method in how to deal with body acne is to eat well. Eat a diet high in antioxidants, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, which all help reduce acne symptoms or prevent acne. Some examples of anti-bacne foods are fish, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, drinking water is important in clearing up your skin and a lack of water can cause dry skin, so drink up!


Stress Less

The last but perhaps most important step in how to deal with body acne is to avoid stress! I know, easier said than done, but it’s important to do what you can to decrease any unnecessary stress from your life. Stress can cause an inflammatory response in your skin, thus causing you to break out, so try your best to get enough sleep each night, exercise and eat well.

Now you know exactly how to deal with body acne! If you try these options and they don’t work for you, try consulting a dermatologist for help. There are many ways to deal with body acne and soon you’ll be wearing tank tops and tube dresses and showing off your sexy, smooth skin! How do you get rid of any acne on your body?

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Thanks, these are great tips ! (:

Haha I've been bugging y brother about this because he has bad body acne an I shared these tips with him and he is already seeing results!!

* rubbing alcohol

Thank you! I hate body acne and was looking for tips on how to clear it up! I'll definitely try these tips.

After washing your back you can put alcohol on the pimples and they dry up. That's what I do

St Ives is good for an exfoliant

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