7 Easy Ways to Enhance Cheekbones ...

By Lisa

7 Easy Ways to Enhance Cheekbones ...

Want to learn some ways to enhance cheekbones and emphasize your facial structure? There are some simple ways that you can apply makeup and do some facial exercises that’ll help you tone up the muscles in your face and give you beautifully sculpted and prominent cheekbones! If you’re looking for ways to enhance cheekbones, keep reading for the info!

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1 Blush

Applying the appropriate blush color and formula for your skin is one of the ways to enhance cheekbones. Using either a cheek tint or powder blush, smile and apply the color to the apples of your cheeks and blend well to fade out the edges. Blush is a subtle, natural looking way to effectively enhance your cheekbones.

2 Bronzer

Using bronzer is probably the most popular way to enhance cheekbones and contour the face. Pick a matte bronzer and apply it to the area underneath your cheekbones to create a shadow and blend downward. Forming this shadow will create the illusion of depth and help accentuate your cheeks!

If you're looking for a body art that's as unique as you, consider getting a watercolor tattoo. Unlike traditional tattoos, the watercolor style mimics the beautiful and eclectic styles found in a watercolor painting. It's a bold, artistic choice that's sure to make a simple yet powerful statement.

3 Cheek Exercise

A simple tip to enhance cheekbones is to do a quick cheek exercise. According to Livestrong, this cheek exercise will tense up the cheek muscles and help cheekbones appear stronger! Start by closing your mouth and making a small smile. Suck your cheeks deep in your mouth toward your teeth, in other words, make the fish face! Hold the exercise for 10 seconds, and then relax. Repeat about 10 times.

4 Mouth Exercise

Another easy exercise from Livestrong to work out the cheek area for more sculpted cheekbones is to make a kissy face! Using your cheek muscles, pucker up your lips for at least 10 seconds. You can repeat this exercise about 10 times to build up to stronger cheek muscles and heightened cheekbones!

5 Highlighter

Highlighters are great to keep in your makeup kit for a number of reasons but it’s also an awesome tool to highlight those cheekbones! The best way to enhance cheekbones with a highlighter is to use it in conjunction with blush or bronzer or both products. Apply some of the highlighter to the top of your cheekbones to create definition and make cheeks look sharper!

6 Foundation

I recently discovered a tip to enhance cheekbones by using darker shades of foundation on your cheeks. This tip works similarly to using blush or bronzer but you're using foundation. Get a couple of shades of cream or stick foundation that are several shades darker than your normal shade and apply it with a small, dense brush. Apply the foundation under your cheekbones to create that sexy shadow and blend, blend, blend!

7 Haircut

I admit, getting a haircut just to create the illusion of higher cheekbones might seem a little drastic. But I thought I’d mention it anyway, just in case you were looking into changing your hair! Certain hairstyles and haircuts can help frame your face so that your cheeks look more defined and can help accentuate your facial features. Talk to your stylist about your options and see if you’re rocking the best style for your face shape and features!

High, defined cheekbones are known to create a slimmer appearance and add a touch of glamour to your look. There are easy ways we can create the illusion of depth and dimension with just a few tools and beauty products! How do you like to enhance your cheekbones?

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