9 Egg-Shaped Beauty Products for Easter and Spring ...

It's surprising how many great egg-shaped beauty products there are. There's no better time than springtime to try some of them out, since you might need to do a little spring cleaning by replacing your winter beauty products. It's just a shame that the Easter bunny only carries chocolate eggs -- it would be pretty awesome if he filled baskets with great, calorie-free egg-shaped beauty products like these:

1. The Ped Egg

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This is one of the best egg-shaped beauty products for spring because it will help you get your feet ready for sexy sandal season. It's also the perfect product to make you put down that chocolate egg -- you might lose your appetite while grating your foot like a block of cheese. The Ped Egg might be a little gross, but it's one of the most effective "As Seen on TV" products you'll ever buy. You also don't have to order it from TV since it's now sold at drugstores like Walgreens.
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