7 Embarrassing Beauty Problems Solved ...


7 Embarrassing Beauty Problems Solved ...
7 Embarrassing Beauty Problems Solved ...

Everyone has a beauty nemesis, some embarrassing beauty problems they need solved. Whether you feel you blush too much, you are prone to skin conditions or you worry about a monobrow, there is always a beauty issue on your mind…and most of the time, it’s something you wouldn’t want to ask about, let alone have people see in your search history. Worry not – here’s the top ten embarrassing beauty problems, solved for your benefit. What more could you want?!

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Cold Sores

Cold sores can be mortifying. They feel odd, which makes them difficult to forget, and they don’t exactly look good. You don’t need to suffer them, though. If you get regular cold sores, visit your doctor for a medication to apply when you first feel that tell-tale tingle. Then, do your best to cover it up to boost your confidence. Dip a Q-Tip into cold sore medicine and apply, before using another (clean!) Q-Tip into a loose powder and applying over the top. Tinted powder works the best, in my experience, and you’ll feel miles better when you feel covered... consider this one of the embarrassing beauty problems solved!



Everyone has had dandruff at one point or another, but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting. Still, this is another embarrassing health problem that is very easy to sort! Dandruff is actually called seborrheic dermatitis, and it’s an inflammatory condition. Look for shampoos and hair products that contain zinc to soothe symptoms, and use anti-yeast products whenever possible too.


Hairy Moles

Checking your moles regularly is important – but it does mean you pick up on their less attractive traits, too, such as hairs. Hairy moles are nothing to worry about, and are very common. A strong pair of tweezers will easily pluck the hair out, but don’t forget to get your moles checked out by a dermatologist annually, too.


Toxic Breath

Worried that your breath might be less than sweet? Halitosis can be caused by poor oral hygiene, genetics or your diet, and there is plenty you can do to combat it. Brush your teeth twice a day and use a good mouthwash too. Staying hydrated is another key point, as a dry mouth is much more likely to smell. And when you are feeling nervous, avoid foods that can worsen the problem, such as onions, garlic and coffee.



Backne and buttne might sound hilarious, but they can be mortifying problems. It’s easier to prevent than cure, so use medicated cleansers to prevent flair ups, and avoid tight spandex. Cotton bras and underwear are much kinder to the skin, and showering quickly after access will keep your skin clean and pure. When you are suffering a break-out, try using an anti-inflammatory mask such as sulphur to purify the skin and reduce redness.


Armpit Shadow

You’ve planned a gorgeous strapless outfit, and look just perfect… until you lift up your arms. Worry not, though – dark armpits might be embarrassing, but they aren’t hard to cure. The dark color is caused by hyperpigmentation, and inflammation. Usually, this occurs because of sweat, friction or shaving, and it can easily be prevented by using plenty of shaving gel and reducing friction in the area whenever possible. Showering after exercise to remove sweat quickly can also help. Many deodorants now claim to keep your armpits dry for 24-hours, and these are much less likely to cause dark armpits. So give your arms some TLC, and then throw on that outfit!



Doctors have reported that more and more people are suffering from warts, but this embarrassing beauty problem is hardly ever mentioned. Found a wart? Stock up on wart treatments which contain salicylic acid, and invest in pre-treated bandages if you can. If the wart doesn’t begin to reduce in size, go and see your dermatologist, who can freeze or burn the wart off.

With these common embarrassing beauty problems solved, you can get on with looking great – and feeling it, too! Don’t forget the art of distraction, either – brightly colored nails are perfect for attracting attention away from a hand wart, or chic hair accessories can cover dandruff perfectly. Do you have an embarrassing beauty problem you want solved? Let us know!

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It's not a cure, but it really works! Cold sores are HSV1 and the outbreak can be prevented or at least kept to a minimum by purchasing the amino acid Lysine from your local Walmart or pharmacy. Take 2000 - 2500 mg when you feel that first tingle of the outbreak (sufferers know what I mean!) and you will not break out over half the time and if you do the sore will be very small, like a small zit, and disappears quickly. I suffered for years before my friend told me about it. I do not know if it works for HSV2 or not.

My uncle went and had his wart burned, does not look nice and he says it hurts like hell. Wouldn't let any of us see his finger instead he had it wrapped. Claims if he knew that was how it was going to end up he rather have had delt with it a different way. I had some when I was younger and used treatment instead.

Don't tweeze your moles, that is incredibly unhealthy. If you're feeling self conscious, visit your doctor who can check the mole and advise you how to look after it - it is after all, just skin! I'm covered in moles and have had a few removed for worrying reasons, so I can tell you with great certainty, mole tweezing is a bad plan! (I won't lie, I have done it myself when I was younger, and if you're going to do it that's your choice, but be prepared, some of those things can end up bleeding like a gunshot wound....) xx

@Veronica Failla'Theodorou sorry I just realised I made exactly the same point as you. D'oh! Great minds and all that :-) x

Soaking warts in apple cider vinegar worked WONDERFULLY for me! I had a cluster of them on my pinky toe on my left foot! Gone in less than a week! Soaked for an hour three times a week! :)

Actually tweezing hair out of moles is one of the worst things to do! It is best to cut the hair flush to the skin. When you tweeze hair from a mole you stimulate blood cells to the area and if abnormal cells are there you can activate growth and movement of these cells!

whats TLC?

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