Essential Oils to Place on Your Nightstand ...

By Lauren

Women everywhere are turning more and more to essential oils for their hair and skincare. When we do we know we can guarantee they are completely natural and they are good for making our skin clearer and softer and our hair healthy and shiny. But there are so many oils it can be rather overwhelming knowing which ones to use and which might be best for your skin/hair type. I’ve picked out just 7 to introduce the power of essential oils to you.

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Sweet Almond Oil for the Softest, Dewy Skin

Obtained from the kernels of the almond tree, this light oil works penetrates your skin and gives you smooth, silky skin in no time. As it is a humectant, it can trap moisture in your skin to make it look fresh and healthy. The presence of kaempferol and the plant flavonoids quercetin makes it a sunscreen for your sensitive skin. The next time you go out in the sun, be sure to apply a few drops of this oil on your skin to fight those harmful UV rays.


Argan Oil Will Work Magic on Your Hair

Argan oil is among the best essential oils for beauty. Extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, it's already an essential part of many hair products. Loaded with vitamin E and saponins (the compounds responsible for making your hair look soft and strong), it can be a great UV protector for your hair. It also contains omega3 and omega9 fatty acids that provide protection to the protein bonding structures in your hair and also helps prevent split ends as well. Make sure to keep it on your nightstand.


The Vitamin a in Rosa Mosqueta Oil Helps with Acne

Like other nut and seed oils, it also contains omega3, omega6, and omega9 fatty acids with loads of vitamin E. What sets it apart from other essential oils is the availability of its vitamin A, which makes it a perfect solution to deal with your acne problem. It also contains vitamin C as well as other bioactive ingredients that repair damaged skin cells – it is effective for stretch marks, age spots, psoriasis, and eczema as well as acne-prone skin.


Carrot Seed Oil Will Rejuvenate Your Skin

If you're looking for a simple yet effective way to have fresh, healthy, and smooth skin, look no further than carrot seed essential oil. Thanks to its rejuvenating properties, its regular use will repair skin cell damage, fade scars, and even improve your complexion to some extent. It's definitely one of the best essential oils to keep on your nightstand.


Frankincense Essential Oil Promotes New Healthy Skin Growth

Have you already tried a number of remedies to make your acne-prone skin look young, fresh, and smooth? Try Frankincense essential oil. This natural toner will help reduce the appearance of acne, scars, and pores. Since it is cytophylactic, it not only protects your existing skin cells but also promotes new cell growth. Use this and you won't have to find anything else to deal with your sagging skin, wrinkles, and scars.

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Geranium Essential Oil is Great for Oily Skin

You cannot have fresh skin if you cannot find a way to regulate oil production. Your oily skin will always look rough and be prone to acne and other skin blemishes. The solution is right here in geranium essential oil. It prevents excess oil production and maintains skin elasticity to make your skin look young. Using it regularly will improve blood circulation, which in turn will help to heal broken capillaries, bruises, cuts, burns, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin conditions. This baby really deserves a place on your nightstand.


Lavender Essential Oil

Your nightstand will be incomplete without this essential oil. As well as smelling great, lavender oil can be a real life savior in today's world when it is hard to steer clear of stress. You can apply it on your body to relax and eliminate stress. It also regenerates your skin cells and makes you look beautiful by reducing the appearance of sunspots and scarring.

If you want to start using essential oils in your beauty routine it is best to do your research. There’s one for so many problem areas and they can be used in so many uses and in combinations too. There’s loads of info online so you should be able to find one (or more) ideally suited to your needs.

Do you use essential oils in your body care routines?

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Almond oil is brilliant. Lavender oil is also good.u can use it to repel insects like mosquitoes and a little on your pillow for a good sleep

Cinnamon oil for your lips. Peppermint oil is an anti-inflammatory.

I make my own sleep mist using lavender, myrh, frankincense, clary sage, patchouli, valerian essential oils. I spray it on my pillows n quilts n on my pulse points. Believe me it works like

Castor oil for thick brows it's working but very slow

I light a Lavender candle in my room an hour before bed. I also use lavender oil on my pillow before sleeping. Completely knocks me out!

Adding a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to your shampoo is supposed to help combat dandruff.

@Kat_with_a_K do you buy an e-liquid or vape the actual oil? I'm so intrested!

Argan oil is one of the best oils for healthy skin and hair. It can be mixed with essential oils to make it even more effective.

I use argan oil on my hair it makes it really soft and in my hand cream

I usually add a few drops of whatever I fancy to my body cream before I massage my legs and arms each morning. Few drops of lavender sprinkled on your pillow at night gives a lovely sleep. Couple of drops of lemon on a tissue and inhaled refreshes me when needed. Couple of drops of frankincense on a hanky " send " me for couple of minutes,remembering how it smelt when the real crystals of it burnt on our fire at night in Ethiopia.