10 Essential Things to Know about Cosmetic Surgery Abroad ...

By Neecey

10 Essential Things to Know about Cosmetic Surgery Abroad ...

Medical tourism is gaining in popularity but it’s a big decision (sometimes life-changing), so there are some essential things to know about cosmetic surgery abroad. It isn’t just a case of having decided on what cosmetic procedure you want and deciding where to travel to for it to be done. There are probably more questions to ask about going for cosmetic surgery abroad than having it done at home – along with all the non-travel issues and questions you need to examine about the surgery in the first place. Here are the essential things to know about cosmetic surgery abroad.

1 Does the Company Have Any Complaints?

One of the most important things to know about cosmetic surgery abroad is the reputation of the company you’re considering. Just as in your home country, while the larger organizations tend to provide a good service, there are some smaller ones which don’t. Find out everything you can about the company – check they have the relevant licenses and read customer reviews. It is also important to check any news. Use Google News search to see if they have been involved in compensation cases.

2 Do They Speak English?

Cosmetic surgery is an affordable alternative to expensive American cosmetic health care. Places like Costa Rica, Thailand, and India don’t necessarily have health care professionals which possess a proficient command of the English language. Through online reviews and asking the company directly, you should find out if they speak your language. It’s undoubtedly one of the important things you should know about cosmetic surgery abroad.

3 How Detailed Are They?

The truth about cosmetic surgery abroad is not every company gives the full picture. When you call the company you should have detailed information about your procedure, health care, and travel arrangements (such as visas). Ideally, they should offer to send you an information package. Never sign up for cosmetic surgery without knowing as much as you possibly can.

4 Is My Surgeon Certified?

Another of the crucial things to know about cosmetic surgery abroad is the credentials of your surgeon. Speak to the company and ascertain the name of your surgeon. Demand documentation on their history, including their certifications. Ensure they’re qualified to perform your specific procedure. You should also take into account their experience, before deciding if this is the right option for you. You should also consider the licensing laws in the country of the surgery. Not every country has robust legal requirements to regulate cosmetic surgery clinics.

5 Is My Surgeon Successful?

Like with any hospital visit, you would expect your surgeon to have a clean record. The same thing should apply to cosmetic surgery abroad. You need to know your surgeon’s success rate. This is normally expressed as a percentage, but some companies could also express it in terms of their real numbers. If this information isn’t available, be wary.

6 Can I See My Surgeon?

In the United States, you can see your surgeon before undergoing a procedure. The same thing should apply to cosmetic surgery abroad. Rather than seeing them in person, you should request a teleconference. The truth about cosmetic surgery abroad is you can often judge whether a surgeon is right for you based on his articulacy, language skills, and demeanor.

7 Where’s My Facility?

Different companies choose different facilities. One of the most crucial things to know about cosmetic surgery abroad is where you’re going. Inspect the facility and what it offers you. Some companies specialize in luxury surroundings, whereas non-invasive procedures might take place in a small clinic. Many international cosmetic surgery companies now offer 3D virtual tours.

8 What about Infections and Complications?

Countries like Mexico and El Salvador don’t always adhere to the same strict hygiene and medical standards as the United States. Another of the questions to ask about cosmetic surgery in another country is what is the infection rate, and what’s on offer if things take a turn for the worst. The competency of the facility is just as important as the competency of the surgeon.

9 What about My Cost of Care?

A truth about cosmetic surgery abroad is that companies’ pricing policies vary greatly. Generally, you’d expect them to include everything in the cost of the procedure. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes it only covers basic care and the procedure itself. Any extras, such as compression garments and medication, come as added extras. Check if your accommodation is included and that covers any time you may have to spend in the clinic’s own facility.

10 Is There a Follow-up Option Available?

Most cosmetic procedures require a follow-up appointment after the initial few days of recovery. In the United States, this is expected. When you go abroad, this often comes as an added extra. Confirm with the company whether the follow-up appointment comes as part of the overall cost, or whether you have to pay for it separately. And always ensure they offer the follow-up appointment, otherwise you could return home and have to pay for your aftercare.

No elective procedure should be entered into lightly and as much as the idea of a cheap operation in another country sounds like a solution, it is not a decision to rush into. Do your research thoroughly and learn all the things to know about cosmetic surgery abroad that you can before making a decision. Is this something you would consider?

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First thing I was thinking about before my plastic surgery abroad - Can they speak English? Sure, they can. Everyone speaks English. But I was really freaking out. Makes me laugh again. Medical vacations are great. I've been to Prague too. But my clinic was called Forme. I really loved that place. There was a great atmosphere. 


Thank you for these tips. I was able to choose the right clinic and surgeon thanks to these tips. I am going to Czech republic to Medprestige.eu clinic. Also on medical vacation :)


wow thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. Im considering taking a Thai Medical Vacation in September and these tips really helped me organize my thoughts and plans in a very helpful way.


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