Everyday Things 🤔 That Make You Age Much Quicker 👵🏻 without You Realizing ...

Did you know that some of your everyday habits could be aging you prematurely? That sounds awful, doesn't it? Let's take a closer look at the things we're doing that can age us more quickly, without even knowing it.

1. Smoking

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Okay, we already know how bad smoking is for us -- it's bad for our hearts, lungs, and it's also terrible for our skin. Smoking can age you, inside and out, so now's the time to quit!

2. Lack of Sleep

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The expression "beauty sleep" really does have its foundation in reality: skipping or cutting short your eight hours of Zzzs can age you, so get to bed early, and sleep sound, sweetie!

3. Skipping the Sunblock

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Sun exposure can ravage your skin with wrinkles, spots, and a leathery look, and that's besides the dangers of skin cancer. So make sure you're protected from the sun, starting now.

4. Winter Weather

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Winter air is cold and dry, which can age your skin, too. Use a humidifier, and use a creamy moisturizer in the winter, to keep your skin hydrated and happy.

5. Gel Manis and Pedis

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Sure, the gel manis and pedis last practically forever, but did you know the special UV light they use to set the topcoat can actually age your skin, just like a tanning bed? Yikes!

6. Refined Sugar

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Refined sugar can make you hyper, and pack on pounds, but it can also lead to wrinkles. Who knew?

7. Stress

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Aside from making you feel miserable, stress can also make you look haggard and old before your time. Practice yoga, seek therapy, exercise, meditate, use a stress ball; find something to help you cope with your stressors before you look like a granny at 24.

Which of these bad habits will you kick so you can keep your youthful glow? Is there something else I need to add to my list?

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