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Everything about Eyelash Extensions for Girls Who Want Picture Perfect Eyes ...

By Lauren

When you’re fed up of trying every lash lengthening and volumizing mascara… when you’re fed up of spending ages with the curler … and when you’re fed up of getting glue everywhere trying to fix false lashes in place, you start to wonder if it’s time to get eyelash extensions. If this is where you’re at, this is what you need to know about eyelash extensions:

1 Not All Technicians Are the Same

eyebrow,hair,face,black hair,nose,Don’t hold back with your questions; they are going to be working very close to your eyes after all! Make sure they are officially certified to apply lashes and always ask to see pictures of their work before you agree to go ahead. Look for straight, natural looking, defined extensions with lots of volume.

2 Compare Prices

eyebrow,hair,face,black hair,nose,As with everything, the price of eyelash extensions usually dictates the quality, but be mindful that some lash technicians do overcharge for their services. Shop around all your options before you commit to paying any particular salon to do yours for you.

3 Your Technician MUST Be Certified

face,eyebrow,nose,cheek,clothing,Make sure that whoever is doing your lashes has taken courses from a reputable company. If all of their learning experience has come from watching online videos and reading articles, then you need to stay well away. This is a tricky procedure in a sensitive area of your body; you need the most trained people to be doing it.

4 Lashes Are Customizable

hair,human hair color,face,eyebrow,red,Extensions come in many different lengths, thicknesses and levels of curliness, so make sure to discuss this with your technician and together you can find the type of lash that will suit you and your usual makeup look perfectly. Remember that you don’t need super thick or dramatic lashes, as you will be applying makeup on top of them most days.

5 You Need to Groom Daily

hair,face,eyebrow,black hair,nose,Like any cosmetic procedure, you need to make sure you maintain your lashes by grooming them daily. Your technician should provide you with a handy spoolie brush for this, which will help you to keep your lashes nicely aligned. You can brush throughout the day to keep them looking perfect.

6 You Need to Cleanse Them

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,nose,Though you might be wary of getting them too wet, it is vital to wash your lashes every day. The natural purpose of eyelashes is to protect your eyes from grime and dirt, but this exact grime and dirt can build on up extensions if you don’t take care of them. Rinse them in diluted baby shampoo once a day to keep them in perfect condition.

7 Avoid Oil Based Products

eyebrow,face,cheek,nose,eyelash,Oil can absolutely destroy the adhesive solution that is sticking your lash extension to your face, making them fall off much sooner than expected. To avoid this happening, go without products like waterproof mascaras and check the ingredient list of the eye creams that you use.

8 Buy a Silk Pillowcase

black hair,hair,face,black,person,A silk pillowcase with be much more gentle on your face and extensions, causing much less friction and rubbing than a normal cotton pillowcase. Rather than rubbing, a silk case will let your face glide more smoothly, and they also have the added bonus of preventing wrinkles and reducing hair breakage!

9 Hands off!

hair,human hair color,face,eyebrow,lip,Though it is very tempting, DO NOT touch, tug and pull at your lashes within the first few minutes of getting them! Pulling on your extensions can cause your real lashes to fall out much earlier than they should, which will only serve to shorten the shelf life of the extensions themselves.

10 Maintain Them

face,eyebrow,hair,black,black hair,Keep a regular date on your diary for a regular lash appointment just like you would keep a regular appointment for a facial or for waxing. Around every three weeks is the perfect amount of time for you to keep your extensions looking full, fresh and fancy.

If you’re considering eyelash extensions I hope this helped. Have you had eyelash extensions? Would you recommend?

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