7 Excellent Ways to Make Cellulite Less Visible ...


7 Excellent Ways to Make Cellulite Less Visible ...
7 Excellent Ways to Make Cellulite Less Visible ...

There are ways to make cellulite less visible, my ladies, and the sooner you start applying them the happier you’re going to feel about your bikini or that new mini skirt sitting in your closet just waiting to be shown off! Now, we all know exactly how difficult getting rid of cellulite once and for all can get but there are ways to reduce it and even hide it for the time being while waiting on those lifestyle/diet changes you’ve made to yield first, visible results. And here are 7 cool anti-cellulite tips and tricks you’ll want to try right away:

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Get Your Tan on

The so-called “orange peel” is less noticeable on darker skin so consider yourself lucky in case you’re naturally blessed with it or hit the pool/beach/balcony in case you aren’t! It’s one of the easiest, most magical ways to make cellulite less visible and you don’t even have to wait a lot to notice the first results. A day spent at your local beach/pool, a 2-3 hour frying session on your balcony or a dream vacation you’ve been looking forward to all year – each will work like a charm!


Tone Your Legs

Time to wipe the dust off your Stair Master, Thigh Buster, Elliptical Trainer and pretty much every single one of those super-useful pieces of exercise equipment that haven’t been fulfilling their purpose lately. Don’t have any? No problem! Put your running shoes on and go out for a jog, use your staircase to work out and invest in an inexpensive exercise mat and rent/buy/download/borrow an exercise video. There are many both pricy and budget-friendly ways to tone jiggly thighs and at least three reasons to do so! First: your legs will look much sexier and the difference is visible even after the fist training session, second: toned muscles will “handle” those fat deposits better making them less visible and third: this routine is the best (if not the only) way of getting rid of cellulite for good!


Say “Yes” to Green Tea

Can’t force yourself to drink 2 liters of water every day? No problem – green tea is even better! This refreshing drink will not add to your daily calorie intake yet is very rich in antioxidants and will speed up your metabolism, helping your body process and relieve of toxins faster which, in the bottom line, isn’t only a great way to make cellulite less visible in short term but something you should do in case you want to get rid of it in the long run.


Say “No” to Sugary Drinks

There are many more ways to make cellulite less visible and I have a feeling you’re not going to like this one! Yes, it has everything to do with those sugar bombs called carbonated drinks, even with fruit juices with less than 100% of fruit content! Make your own healthy drink to keep cool in these hellishly hot months or pay close attention to the labels to make sure store-bought drinks you’re going to purchase contain nothing more than fruits and water.



One of the most popular anti-cellulite tips ever, a massage really works like a charm against those unsightly dimples! Get a boar bristle body brush to use in circular motions while you shower, hop to Sally’s or get your Avon lady on the phone in case a hand-held massager is more of your thing. Use it with your favorite body lotion, skin firming serum or an anti-cellulite gel to give your cellulite covered areas a vigorous daily massage and that orange peel will be a thing of the past in no time and your skin much brighter, softer, tighter and smoother!


Try Natural Remedies

Still wondering how to reduce cellulite? Well, there are many interesting natural remedies worth checking out. First, there’s black coffee residue – a well known, budget-friendly solution you’ll want to try in case you’re drinking caffeinated coffee. Refrigerate your coffee leftovers until you’re ready to use them (which should be at least two times per week), then mix with some olive oil and use as a scrub which you’ll rub in circular motions for about 15 minutes and leave on for another 15-20 (use shrink wrap to warm up and cover the area). You can also substitute coffee residue with salt and grapefruit juice for a tad different recipe that is said to yield the same results.


Fake It

And last on my list of ways to make cellulite less visible – a tip for all of you thorough, patient ladies who don’t mind clicking “next” over and over again. Getting rid of cellulite is a process that requires a certain amount of time, I know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have sexy legs while waiting for the first long term results to show. Apply a bronzer on your cellulite covered areas or puff on a coat of light shimmery powder. This neat trick will help those dimpled areas reflect light better thus appearing smoother. Not to mention how fantastic your legs are going to look on photographs!

Are there any other ways to make cellulite less visible that I haven’t heard of? A must-try natural remedy, perhaps? Do share, my ladies, do share! Getting rid of cellulite is a tricky process indeed and the more options we have, the better!

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I've been using dermalmd cellulite serum for over a month now. Within the first week of using the serum, I've already noticed a difference on the back of my thighs. My cellulite has become less noticeable. I try to apply twice a day, once before bedtime and once after shower before work. I can't wait to use this more long term to see more of the results.

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