8 Exquisitely Lovely Must-Have Lip-Colors ...

By Melissa

8 Exquisitely Lovely Must-Have Lip-Colors ...

Lip-Colors add a touch of style, glamour, and color to any look. If you are anything like me, then you love to have beautiful pouty lips and these 8 must have** lip-colors** are just the thing you need. A little lipstick or gloss can make your lips look fuller, softer, and much more luscious. Any of these 8 must have lip-colors will have you looking completely kissable in absolutely no time.

Table of contents:

  1. raging red
  2. berricilous
  3. orange
  4. totally nude
  5. plum pouts
  6. just peachy
  7. marvelous mauve
  8. pretty pink

1 Raging Red

Red lip-colors will make you drop dead gorgeous. The key is to tone down the rest your makeup, including your eyes, to draw the focus to your scarlet red lips. Try a few shades and decide what works best for you.

2 Berricilous

Berry colors are a red color with a hint of pink. The softer red looks good on most all skin tones, so you are sure to find a color to complement your complexion and give you a warm glow. If you feel daring, go with something that has purple undertones.

3 Orange

I know what you are thinking, “No way can I wear orange lip-color!” Please give it a try first. The trick is to chose a matte shade, not something with a shimmer, to keep the color from looking loud. Follow up with soft peach blush and natural looking eye makeup.

4 Totally Nude

There is something so unbelievably sexy about a soft nude lip. Choose a color that is only a shade or two darker than your natural lip. Don’t go too glossy with it, though. The point is to keep the lip shade as natural as possible.

5 Plum Pouts

Plum is a sophisticated lip-color to make your lips look glamorous. It works best on cooler skin tones, because of the blue undertones. Try a few different shades to see which one works best for you.

6 Just Peachy

Peach lips are fun and spunky. This shade goes well with soft sun-kissed skin. If your summer tan has started to fade, touch up with some bronzer and add a little golden eye shadow to your lids. The point is to pair peach lips with a simple look.

7 Marvelous Mauve

Mauve lip-colors look great if you have a warm skin tone. It’s a versatile color that you can play up with a little gloss for a night out or keep normal for a day in the office. The color is soft enough you can go heavier with your eye makeup, but strong enough it can put your sultry pout on display.

8 Pretty Pink

What girl doesn’t want to like sassy in a little pink lip-color? Add an unexpected kick to your look with a hot pink shade or go for a soft dewy look with a softer pink. Pink looks good on any skin tone. Try one dark and lighter shades to find the one that works best for you.

There are so many lovely lip-colors out there for you to try! Experimenting with new lip-colors is lots of fun, because you can also change the rest of your makeup palette. I can’t wait to hear how these 8 must have lip-colors worked out for you. Which ones did you love, did they help you create a new look?

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