7 Top Eye Makeup Trends for Summer 2013 You've Got to Try ...


7 Top Eye Makeup Trends for Summer 2013 You've Got to Try ...
7 Top Eye Makeup Trends for Summer 2013 You've Got to Try ...

Is it me, or are the eye makeup trends for summer 2013 fabulous? Every season makeup trends seem to get more and more extravagant and they also flash back into the retro era. The eye makeup trends for summer 2013 are a must! Check out these 7 trends and see how you can spice up your everyday makeup!

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Neon Liner

Neon Liner Topping the list for eye makeup trends for summer 2013 is neon eyeliner. Neon asserts boldness and confidence. The perfect statement with a simple outfit is neon eyeliner. It shows that you’re carefree but also fierce and confident. It just may be the perfect statement for an understated outfit. I recommend using a bright cream eyeshadow in order to achieve this look.


Dramatic Wings

Dramatic Wings Another one of the eye makeup trends for summer 2013 is dramatic winged eyeliner. Remember that punk phase of the 90s? It’s back, but this time it’s with color! The drama of the winged liner is perfect for a smokin’ hot date; why not be daring? Hard Candy Shadowholic Eye Crayons are perfect for this look.


Watercolor Eyes

Watercolor Eyes One of the hottest eye makeup trends for summer 2013 is watercolor eyes. Watercolor eyes embraces the effortless and breezy look that we classify as boho. The way to achieve this look is through creating a smoky eye using pastels. One of the best products to use in order to get this look is a duo eyeshadow of any kind, but I recommend the Essence Cosmetics 3D Duo Eyeshadow.


Lots of Lashes


Long, voluminous lashes have also managed to make the eye makeup trends for summer 2013 list. The best thing about having lots of lashes is the fact that you can get away with just mascara. Lashes draw necessary eye contact, but they also display a carefree look. One of the best mascaras to use in order to achieve lots of lashes is the Maybelline Falsies Flared.



Metallic Metallics will forever and always be a trend, but they somehow found their way in to the top five eye makeup trends for summer 2013. Metallic eyeshadow and eyeliners bring the drama from the runway to the crosswalk. Metallics are a must for everyone this season, so don’t be afraid to step out of the box and give them a try. One of the easiest ways to coordinate metallics into your makeup routine is through the use of the Maybelline Color-Tattoos.


Bangin’ Bottoms

Bangin’ Bottoms Another one of the bold and beautiful eye makeup trends for summer 2013 is bottom liner but none on top. Having bottom eyeliner opens up your eyes and actually gives the illusion of larger eyes. Larger eyes with a simple trick? I’ll try it! Most waterproof eye-pencils work to achieve this daring look.


Naturally Soft


The eye makeup trends for summer 2013 were mostly bold and fierce, but natural eye makeup always makes the list. With two flicks of the mascara wand, and a swipe of skin toned eyeshadow this look is achieved. The best products to achieve this look are the products you use ritually. Why mess with something that's not broken, right?

Using these trends here and there in your makeup routine is a guarantee for staying in style during summer 2013. From bold and brilliant to subtle and classic, these trends have it all. My favorite trend is the neon liner... what’s yours?

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I love number 4, 6 and 7 I love wearing really natural and earthy tones thanks for the great post!

So, I really don't like to wear eyeliner (though I think it's fabulous on others) could you do a post on easy to wear makeup without eyeliner? Please?

Neon liner

4 & 6 are my faves. I do it all the tym thanks for the beautiful post!!

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