Fab Tips for Regular Girls Wanting to Recreate the Latest Beauty Trends ...


Fab Tips  for Regular Girls Wanting to Recreate the Latest Beauty Trends ...
Fab Tips  for Regular Girls Wanting to Recreate the Latest Beauty Trends ...

Keeping up with summer beauty trends is hard enough, but to recreate them is a whole other ball game. If you'd like to know how to recreate the latest and greatest in beauty trends, follow the tutorials theeverygirl.com put together below and learn to rock these looks yourself!

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Aqua Eyes

hair, face, hairstyle, photography, nose, hair, face, facial expression, eyebrow, clothing, Keep your eyes the focus by popping some color on your lids. Opt for an aqua blue that will make any eye color stand out! Use a waterproof eyeliner pencil like the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 7L Turquoise along the lash line.
product, cosmetics, organ, eye, Sephora
Colorful Shadow and Liner, $14


Ombre Lips

hair, eyebrow, face, red, hairstyle, hair, face, hairstyle, eyebrow, nose, To create the illusion of a fuller lip, try using two different lipsticks. First, pick out a lipstick in any shade that strikes your fancy, then pick out a lighter version of the same shade. Need guidance? Try NARS Semi-Matte Lipsticks in both Heat Wave and Shanghai Express. Apply Shanghai Express all over lips, and then apply Heat Wave in the center of lips on both top and bottom. The lighter color in the center will give an illusion of a fuller lip.
lipstick, cosmetics, lip, Nars
Heat Wave Lipstick, $28


Glitter Eyes Source: Vogue

eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, eye, Glittery eyes aren’t only for Coachella! Try a pop of glitter on the eyes to brighten up and add some excitement to your summer look. Try applying the glitter as winged liner, or even all over underneath the eye. Lemonhead.LA has amazing glitters that can be applied literally anywhere — and easily come off (a must with glitter).
eyebrow, eye, face, nose, eyelash, Dirty Penny
Burnt Copper Glitter, $22


Clean Dewy Skin

hair, eyebrow, face, cheek, forehead, hair, eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, Nothing looks prettier during hot summer months then clean dewy skin. Amp up the dew by using Smashbox’s Primer Oil on the highest points of your face; cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose, brow bones, and above the lip. This creates a “highlighted” look without the shimmer and gives a super clean, dewy finish to skin.
skin, product, lotion, cosmetics, nail polish, Smashbox
Photo Finish Primer Oil, $42


Peachy Tones

eyebrow, hair, face, cheek, nose, hair, eyebrow, face, nose, hairstyle, Peach has been all the rage since Too Faced came out with their notorious Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette. Stay fresh by applying peach tones on eyes, cheeks, and lips!
food, eye, organ, dessert, human body, Too Faced
Sweet Peach Eyeshadow, $49


Flushed Eighties Cheeks

hair, human hair color, blond, face, hairstyle, hair, face, hairstyle, nose, beauty, Whether you use a hot pink or orange, this trend keeps your cheeks looking high and bright. Apply by dusting a pigmented blush from the tops of your cheekbones to your temples. Sephora Collection has a variety of great blushes to choose from.
eye, face powder, cheek, organ, powder, Sephora
Colorful Face Powder, $14


Grey Lipstick

eyebrow, color, face, hair, cheek, Dark lipstick colors in the summer, you ask? Yes! Grey lipstick is making its way into the summer season. To keep it fresh, make your lips the focus by using minimal eye makeup and starting with a clean dewy face. Then, try NYX’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox to give your summer look an edge.
mascara, product, cosmetics, eyelash, NYX
Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, $7



eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, forehead, eyebrow, hair, face, cheek, nose, To keep your summer beauty routine easy, try using the same color for eyes, cheeks, and lips! NARS has a stick called The Multiple that is made in 20+ shades and can be used by easily sweeping the cream stick on eyes cheeks and lips. Just use the warmth of your fingers to blend the product in effortlessly for a monochromatic look.
bottle, product, lipstick, drinkware, cosmetics, Nars
The Multiple, $39

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