7 Fabulous Application Tips for an Even More Fabulous Red Lip ...

Helpful tips for red lipstick application ensure that you'll look like a glamorous femme fatale every time you go out with a racy scarlet lip. Since shades of red are so popular right now, especially as a lip color, it's essential to learn about full proof lipstick application techniques. They are mostly matte shades, after all, and if you don't know how to apply such a dramatic color correctly, you might not feel comfortable. Fortunately, I have everything you need to know about how to apply red lipstick, so keep reading!

1. Start with Foundation and Powder

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Here are some of the most essential tips for red lipstick application. They're both crucial if you want a smooth finish, plus they make sure that your lips stay red, not the skin around them. First, use a liquid concealer, a concealer stick, or even your foundation to cover your lips thoroughly. Make sure you give it time to dry, then brush on some powder. Ideally, it should be translucent, since its main purpose is to make sure the concealer or foundation sets properly. It also makes your lips smooth, so your lipstick stays on longer and doesn't fade.

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