10 Fabulous Tips on How to Take Your Look from Day to Night ...


10 Fabulous Tips on How to Take Your Look from Day to Night ...
10 Fabulous Tips on How to Take Your Look from Day to Night ...

I can’t count how many times I’ve had plans after work, and a client has kept me late, forcing me to remake myself at the office before my night out. I’m now a pro at making a few quick changes to take my look from day to night, and I’d love to share my unique expertise. Here are 10 fabulous tips on how to take your look from day to night. Let’s go!

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Keep Supplies on Hand

A last-minute night out can happen with very little notice, so be sure to keep the things you’ll need on hand in your work bag or desk at all times. What will you need? How to take your look from day to night, with which supplies? Keep reading! Your list is below… with an explanation…


Drink Cool Water

Chances are, you haven’t had anything to eat or rink since lunch, so you’re peckish and thirsty and probably a little tired. Perk up with a quick granola bar and definitely a drink of cool water. Not cold (could give you a tummy ache), but nice and cool. Keep a bottle in your desk drawer for just such a purpose.


Freshen First

Before you go adding a swipe of lippie or a brush of blush, use a Yes to Cucumbers wipe on your pretty face… avoid your eyes, unless you have time for new shadow and liner… but the wipe will make you feel refreshed, and will give you a clean “palette.” Keep the wipes in your magic desk drawer.


Brighten Your Lippie

Now it’s time to do the re-make. If you normally wear pale pinks or corals or peaches to the office, keep a brighter or darker lippie in your desk drawer or bag. A quick swipe of a more dramatic new shade will help amp your look, even if you don’t make another change (but we will!).


Play up One Feature

Choose one feature to play up, and go with it! You don’t have time for a total remake, so choose to re-do your whole face (bronzer and blush and foundation) or just your eyes. If you do have time, feel free to do both… but otherwise, decide: smoky eyes or nymph-blush skin?


Make a Statement with Jewelry

Keep an interesting cuff, a glittery pair of earrings, or a bold statement necklace in your desk for an easy way to take your look from day to night. These glam, glimmering bits will instantly dress up even the most bland office ensemble.


Bring a Blazer

The cute cardi you wear to the office isn’t exactly night-out material, is it? Keep a cute or edgy blazer on a hanger on the back of your office door, and swap it for the cardi before your big night. Keep it neutral, so it won’t clash with your statement jewels (above), and don’t don it until you dash out.


Swap Shoes

Here’s another way to take your look from day to night: swap your flats to heels. You’ll look more polished and party-ready, and you’ll FEEL ready for a night out, too. Opt for sky-high wedges for summer, or a pair of shiny patent or red heels for year-round last-minute parties.


Brush up

I always feel refreshed and ready to go once I’ve brushed my teeth… so I always keeps a full-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in my desk drawer, too. Don’t try those little tiny-sized brushes; they’re no good, and will only make your frustrated when they fall apart.


Re-do Your do

Now it’s time to re-do your do! Take out your loose bun or low ponytail, and flip your head upside down. Finger-comb your hair into messy waves, then spray with a light hold hairspray and flip up again. Volume! Ready!

Now you know what to keep in your desk for last-minute nights out, direct from the office… and you look gorgeous! Now that you know how to take your look from day to night so quickly, and so easily, you’ll never have to turn down an after-work engagement again, right, you social butterfly? Which of these tips do you always use, and which will you try next? Or do you have another tip to share? Please do!

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