7 Fabulous under Eye Skin Care Tips ...

Under eye skin care can be taken care of in so many different ways. The skin under your eyes is so delicate; you want to make sure that you are careful with it. That’s why I came up with my top 7 tips for under eye skin care! The great things about these top 7 under eye skin care tips is that they are all natural and anyone can do them!

1. Sleep

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When you are caring for any of your skin, sleep is super important. Not only does it reenergize your skin, but it also makes you look better overall. This is by far one of the top under eye skin care that I use (not to mention … I love to sleep)! Typically, 8 hours of sleep is good, that will keep you looking fresh-faced and crisp!

2. Don’t Use Face Cream

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You read that right, when it comes to under eye skin care you don’t want to use your standard old face cream on your eye area. It can be too harsh. Remember, the skin around your eyes is super delicate, so you want to make sure that you are using cream that is specifically for your eye area. Trust me, it works wonders!

3. Cucumber Slices

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I know, you probably don’t do this outside of your daily spa treatment right? ‘Cause we all have that luxury? Cucumber slices are great for your eyes though. Next time you are in the bath, why not cut up some slices and put them on your eyes while you are soaking away all of that stress. It’ll make your eyes look refreshed and rejuvenated!

4. Sleep on a Comfy Pillow

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Believe it or not, your pillow can actually help keep your under eyes looking awesome! A comfy, soft pillow and pillowcase will make all of the difference. So, if you are sleeping on a hard pillow now, it might be time for a change!

5. Vitamin K

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I actually did not know that Vitamin K is one of the under eye skin care until I started doing research for this article. If you just grab an eye cream with vitamin K in it, you’ll instantly see a difference in the fine lines around your eyes and they will look bright and brilliant!

6. Massage

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This is not where you rub your eye with your finger, instead, you want to rub the skin around your eyes and also up into your brow. What this does is keep the circulation going and keeps your face looking bright! So ladies, rub away!

7. Almond OIl

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Finally, one of the most effective all natural under eye skin care treatments is almond oil. Rubbing a little almond oil around your eyes is huge. It’ll soften the lines and make sure that your skin is beautifully brilliant!

Under eye skin care isn’t something that is hard to perform; you just have to remember some of these tips and tricks. Whenever you are looking for under eye skin care, just remember, its delicate skin, so be careful! Do you ladies have anymore tricks and tips for me? Come on, share!

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