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10 Famous and Fab Quotes on Beauty ...

By Lisa

There are lots of famous beauty quotes and below are ten of the most inspiring quotes to ponder! When we think of beauty we mostly think of beauty products or supermodels but there is so much more to it! You might not have heard all of these quotes before, but they all come from the mouths and minds of some pretty memorable people! Check them out below!

1 “Everything Has Beauty but Not Everyone Sees It.” Confucius

Chinese philosopher Confucius has offered up his fair share of charismatic quotes but his quote on beauty certainly left an impression on me! This beauty quote is pretty self-explanatory but I think it’s a great reminder to stop and admire beauty all around us!

2 “the Beauty of a Woman is Not in a Facial Mole but the True Beauty in a Woman is Reflected in Her Soul. It is the Caring That She Lovingly Gives, the Passion That She Shows. the Beauty of a Woman Grows with the Passing Years.” Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn has shared tons of famous beauty quotes and quotes about life in general and they’re all pretty amazing. Miss Hepburn might’ve been best known for her on-screen personas but she was just as intelligent as she was beautiful (and fashionable)!

3 “Love of Beauty is Taste. the Creation of Beauty is Art.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

If any lecturer could write a famous beauty quote, it’s Ralph Waldo Emerson! The man was more than qualified to provide us with insight about life. For the purpose of this post, I like to think this quote refers to any and all creators of beauty including all the talented makeup artists and hair stylists!

4 “Beauty is How You Feel inside, and It Reflects in Your Eyes. It is Not Something Physical.” Sophia Loren

Screen siren Sophia Loren obviously knew a thing or two about beauty and her quote on beauty reminds us that beauty is not just about appearances. Remember this when you’re having a bad hair day or your makeup just doesn’t look right to you, that no matter how you think you look, your beauty inside still shines through!

5 “Be Yourself, the World Worships the Original.” Ingrid Bergman

Old Hollywood actresses gave us so many famous beauty quotes! This quote prompts us to always be ourselves and we’ll be admired for being our true selves! If you have those days where you’re unhappy with yourself, remember that you’re an original and perfect the way you are!

6 “Although Beauty Maybe in the Eye of the Beholder, the Feeling of Being Beautiful Exists Solely in the Mind of the Beheld.” Martha Beck

Sociologist Martha Beck gave us this next quote on beauty and I couldn’t agree more! While it’s nice to be complimented and admired, I think feeling beautiful from the inside is much more powerful and meaningful.

7 “Beauty is Power; a Smile is Its Sword.” John Ray

Naturalist John Ray wrote many books on natural history but he really hit the nail on the head with this famous beauty quote. Being beautiful is a force in itself but if you pair it with a smile, it makes for a potent combination. Smiles are universal and can make you and the receiver feel good, so why not do it more often?

8 “Anyone Who Keeps the Ability to See Beauty Never Grows Old.” Franz Kafka

Known as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, Franz Kafka captured his thoughts on being forever young with his famous beauty quote. As long as we can identify and admire beauty, we will remain young at heart and mind!

9 “the Best Part of Beauty is That Which No Picture Can Express.” Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was a jack of all trades and his famous beauty quote can be interpreted in so many ways. I like to think that he’s referring to inner beauty but I also like to think it’s about happiness. Beauty comes in many forms and they can’t all be captured in pictures.

10 “Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius and It's Better to Be Absolutely Ridiculous than Absolutely Boring.” Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s quote on beauty really spoke to me. As beautiful as she was, she still recognized beauty in imperfections and being yourself. Remember that being beautiful or intelligent doesn’t have to coincide with what others believe it to be.

These famous beauty quotes can provide us with some inspiration and awareness into what we think of when it comes to beauty. I hope you keep some of these pearls of wisdom in mind to remind yourself that beauty is defined and seen in many different ways. Do you have any favorite quotes on beauty?

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