7 Fantastic Budget Beauty Blogs to Follow ...

Budget beauty blogs are a great way to find the latest trends in beauty without having to cough up the big bucks. As much as I like high end makeup, I can’t always afford to buy the brand name stuff, especially when drugstore brands do just as good of a job! So, if you like to find low cost duplicates of brand name makeup, learn about new, low-cost beauty products and read up on product reviews, you’ve got to start following some of these budget beauty blogs!

1. Budget Beauty Blog

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One of the best budget beauty blogs is actually called Budget Beauty Blog! You can find tons of detailed makeup, skin and hair care reviews as well as giveaways and a Wall of Mascara which shows all the mascaras that the blog founder Jennifer has tried, so you can compare and contrast the results. If you’re a fan of drugstore beauty products, bookmark this blog ASAP!

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