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Fantastically Creepy Halloween Lip Art to Recreate This Year ...

By Vanessa

Makeup artist and photographer, Eva Senín Pernas, is a genius when it comes to creating awesome lip art. What started off as a personal makeup blog turned into a makeup career! She doesn't just do seasonal stuff - she does lip art all year 'round! Check out her incredible website to see more photos,!

1 Ghosts & Bats

Ghosts & BatsThe ombre lip is already very impressive but look at that awesome detail in drawing the ghost, bats, and fences!

2 Spider

SpiderI'm obsessed with this metallic color!


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3 Jack O'lantern

Jack O'lanternThis look is perfect for any spooky activity you've got going on this month!

4 Witch

WitchWould you be able to draw a witch that well on your lip?

5 Spooky Cemetery

Spooky CemeteryI love the orange and black!

Which of these are your favorites?

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