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7 Fashion and Makeup Mistakes to Avoid in Your Thirties ...

By Alison

As women, we all know there are certain fashion and makeup mistakes to avoid, yet we continue to make these mistakes into our thirties, forties, fifties and sometimes even into our sixties! I know we have all probably made one of these mistakes and we’ve seen these mistakes on older woman, so I’m hoping you can learn from some of these fashion and makeup mistakes to avoid them in your future.

1 Ditch the Glitter and Shimmer

Ditch the Glitter and ShimmerOne of my favorite fashion and makeup mistakes to avoid in your thirties is the use of glitter and shimmer. Glitter, particularly on your eyelids, won’t make you look younger, simply because it’s a light-reflecting tool. Instead, it accentuates fine lines and creases around the eyes, and can make women appear slightly colder too. If you decide you absolutely have to wear glitters and shimmers, apply just a smidgen to the inner corners of your eyes for best results!

2 Avoid the Twin Set

Avoid the Twin SetSome women in their thirties can really pull off a twin set and appear elegant and lady-like (you know those silky vest tops with matching cardigans that you can either button up or leave open). For the most part though, they tend to make women in their thirties look dowdier and older than their years.


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3 Dispose of the Granny Frames

Dispose of the Granny FramesIf you wear glasses you’ll know what I mean, but even if you don’t, glasses are on trend, so make sure you opt for the correct frames. There are those granny thin-wire frames that don’t look sexy at all and sometimes, it really can be a small thing like an accessory that makes or breaks your outfit. Instead, try the thicker sunglasses look and the Ernest Hemingway-inspired frames for more of an artistic, stylish vibe.

4 Wearing Something Too Tight

Wearing Something Too TightHere I mean wearing something that is too tight, too loose, too short or too long is a good tip to avoid in your thirties, simply because it attracts the wrong sort of attention. It is usually because it makes you look visually self-conscious or uncomfortable. If you can wear a tight miniskirt, pull it off and feel great, then you’ll likely look great in it, but for the most part, it doesn’t always happen that way. It's just something to consider as you get older.

5 Using the Wrong Foundation

Using the Wrong FoundationPowder-based formulas in particular will make you pack on the years. The key is to select more of a liquid-based foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone, complements your skin type and provides decent coverage. Some women stay with the same brand and shade for years, so it is a good tip to have your foundation re-evaluated frequently, as your skin changes with the seasons, and as you age.

6 Avoid Staying Too Neutral

Avoid Staying Too NeutralI think we all know that too much eye, lip or rouge color can make you look older, but so can wearing no makeup or staying too neutral. I’m actually guilty of this as I barely wear much makeup and I’m in my thirties! According to a 2013 study from Gettysburg University, when people compared faces, they rated those with more facial contrast as looking younger. The faces that focused on darker lips, eyes or eyebrows actually looked younger than those without makeup.

7 Hi-Tech Fashion Accessories

Hi-Tech Fashion AccessoriesThis is not something to avoid, but rather to work into your wardrobe, so don’t forget to add in the hi-tech fashion accessories whenever you can. With Smartphones and tablets becoming a part of our everyday lives, it makes sense to accentuate your personality and invest in a clutch that can double up as your Smartphone case whenever you're spending a night out on the town!

I’ve tried to keep these tips simple and foolproof. I’m certainly not saying that being in your thirties is old; instead these are just things to consider when you’re buying clothes and makeup, to help you age more gracefully. What are some fashion and makeup tips you have for women in their thirties?

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