Fat Girl Life Hacks ...


Fat Girl Life Hacks ...
Fat Girl Life Hacks ...

Want some fat girl life hacks?. Fortunately, we are at a stage now in time when people are starting to be accepted and embraced no matter what shape and size they are. Back in eras like the 90s, if you weren’t stick thin like Kate Moss, then you pretty much weren’t considered to be beautiful, but thanks to curvy goddesses like Beyoncé and then even bigger babes like Melissa McCarthy, Adele and Rebel Wilson, the trend in mainstream beauty has started to move much more toward loving all shapes.

Of course, if you are a plus size babe, then you will be well aware that for a bigger girl in this world, some things take a little more effort and some things take a little more manoeuvring! You can be fat and fabulous, and millions of ladies around the world are, but that doesn’t mean they should be able to indulge in a few simple life hacks just like everyone else!

From beauty tips to health tips to fashion tips, there is so much that big girls can learn from other big girls, and we have found a great little video to get you started. Made by one of the most popular plus size beauty and fashion gurus on YouTube, this video gives you some great insights and pieces of advice for navigating some of the common issues that big girls will encounter on a regular basis. From contouring to looking a little slimmer in the face to using hairbands to fit into your favourite pair of jeans, this beautiful expert has you covered with all the fat girl life hacks you'll ever need.

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I hate articles that are actually just video disguised as articles. If I wanted to watch a video I’d go on YouTube.

Hahaha yeah

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